Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sufism & Evil Sorcerers

Sufism, as taught by the Rose Crescent tradition, recognizes a myriad of inner emotional states that become personas. When moving towards the light we metamorphose into beings of light (our higher selves); when moving away from the light we risk strengthening the false self (god) and becoming ever more demonic.

We have said that all of us must struggle (jihad) against the false god (our own created false self). We have also explained that the false self, cut off from the light, becomes a fiend. However, as the fiend discovers its false light a metamorphosis takes place – it becomes the evil sorcerer.

We must recognize that all people have magical powers that may be used for either good or ill. The evil sorcerer manipulates the energy fields to cause others harm and gain advantage for his/herself. Evil sorcerers are adept at using the evil eye. They will attempt to enslave those around them to their will. They become livid when opposed. They seek to emotionally, psychologically and spiritually cripple others, particularly children. They war against individual freedom.

Like the fiend, most evil sorcerers hide the fact of who they are from their own surface conscious awareness.

The Rose Crescent tradition has specific powerful actions to defeat both external evil sorcerers and recommendations for what one might do if one discovers that one is an evil sorcerer and would like to escape from clutches of darkness to the kingdom of light.

To learn more about the various strategies of darkness, visit our site on the enemies.


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