Friday, February 17, 2012

Qur'an Surah III: 112 Enter a Covenant of Protection

"Unless the People of the Book have entered into a Covenant of Protection, a canopy of shame and destitution is pitched over them, drawing on themselves cosmic wrath. These have rejected the Signs of God, having transgressed the bounds, and slew the Prophets in defiance of what is right."

This verse requires a slow unpacking and an open heart. Before we begin let us pray to Allah the Merciful that we receive the Light and that our hearts are opened.

First, the verse clearly speaks to the "People of the Book" - those who claim affiliation with one of the revealed Books (in the Rose Crescent tradition this would stretch back through time to any of the sacred revealed scriptures, including Buddhist Sutras, Zoroastrian Avesta, etc. and is not limited to the Torah, Gospels and Qur'an). Most people claim they are religious. Most people set some time aside for meditation or prayer. This does not mean, however, that we have entered into a Covenant. It is possible to have great concern and devotion to our ancestral religion and yet reject the Signs of God. To enter into a Covenant with the God is to walk through through one of the doors open into the canopy of Protection. These doors, or Sacred Revealed Covenants, have been shown to us by the Prophets - be it the Portal of Compassion, or Portal Tikkun olam, or the Portal of Agape, the Portal of Surrender, or the Portal of Peace, etc. Each of these portals requires a total radical commitment. Once we have passed through we find that we experience the Tranquility that can only be known within the Tent of Protection.

To be outside of the Canopy of Protection is to close our eyes to the Signs of Allah, signs that are within every atom of creation. To sit defiantly outside of the Canopy is to slay the Prophets every day, even though we may claim that we are a person of the Book.

Let us meditate on the ayat, pass through a door of our choice, and enter into the Covenant of Protection.

So may it be!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Seasons of our Life

Have you ever wondered at the miracle of how our life unfolds? Did you know that our spirits unfold within our bodies in cycles of seven years and enfolded within the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter? Let us look at the narrative of human life here on earth:

Each season has three divisions of seven years within it.

Spring (birth to 21). This is the time of budding, play, exploration, development, imagination, learning, etc. This is the time of the child, maiden, page

Birth to age 7 = early spring (circa March)

7 - 14 = mid-spring (circa April)

14 - 21 = late spring (circa May)

Summer (21 - 42). This is the time where the human develops his/her purpose, strength, creates a family. This is the time of the mother, father, warrior/warrioress. This is the time of building, gathering, hunting, cultivating.

21 - 28 = early summer (circa June)

28 - 35 = mid summer (circa July)

35 - 42 = late summer (circa August)

Autumn (42 - 62). This is the time for wisdom, kingship / queenship, mentoring of others, passing on knowledge, service to others. It is the time of harvesting, helping new "trees and plants" take root, creating an infrastructure that can last for generations to come. This is the time of the elder.

42 - 49 = early autumn (circa Sept)

49 - 56 = mid autumn (circa Oct)

56 - 62 = late autumn (circa Nov)

Winter (62 - 84). This is the time of the hermit, the priest/priestess, the artist, the storyteller, the keeper of knowledge. It is the time of wisdom and reflection. It is the time for the great preparation to transition from the body to the Kingdom of Light.

62 - 69 = early winter (circa Dec)

69 - 76 = mid winter (circa Jan)

76 - 84 = late winter (circa Feb)

Several things should be pointed out. First, from a numerological study, we should take notice of both the number 7 and the number 12. Our bodies are designed to completely replace every cell every 7 years. We do not have the same body in one period as we do in another. Just as there are seven days in a week, so too there are seven chakras. The total number allotted by Allah for the human life span is 84 years (or 7 x 12). Note that Jesus had 12 disciples, there were 12 tribes of Israel, the Zodiac has 12 houses.

Secondly, many people wonder about the unfolding of their own lives. A good method of reflection is to review your life to this point. See how it compares to the seasons. Ask yourself what lessons you have learned during each season. Bring yourself today into harmony with your chart? Are you living in accord with the "truth" of your present season? Plan for your future by considering the season before you.

Finally, take time to observe each month and to correlate the outer world of nature and its movements to your own inner world.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Quran III: 101 - 102 "The Rope" of Light

"O you who believe!
Fear God as S/he should be feared
And do not die except in a state of surrender.

And together hold tight to the Rope
Which Allah stretches out to you..."

What is the "Rope" that Allah stretches out? Is this merely a simile or is there an actual rope? The truth is that there is, in fact, a cord that stretches from the Kingdom of Light to us, passing from our crown chackra down through all seven chackras and out from each chackra. The cord keeps us continually tied to the Light as well as the seven heavenly spheres. Moreover, this cord grows off shoots that tie into each other's astral bodies.

Through careful practice Sufis come to feel the cord that runs from the Light through our bodies and out. Sufis also feel how they have cords running to everyone else. We grow cords (in reality there is just one cord) to everyone we know. These cords form attachments. We can also send feelings of love, or healing, to others by channeling them through the cord.

Evil wizards also use the cord to send malicious thoughts of hate, anger, illness, etc. through their cords to others.

It is important that we watch, with our inner vision, how our spiritual cord (Rope) is entangling with others and being entangled. It is a good practice to draw your cord in from others that you may have a problem with so as not to send them your animosity. Then, when you are ready, send out a cord of light with positive thoughts.

One exercise we can do is to lie down quietly, imagine our heart chackra as a beautiful rose, and then see a dazzling white thin light (the Rope) extending to someone you care about, sending love, peace and healing. Know that you channeling the Light from above. Feel how the Rope of Light descends down into your crown chackra and out your heart chackra to the person you wish to contact. Then, feel the cord that runs between the normally runs between the two of you. Follow your emotions as they travel between you. Ask yourself: Where is the cord located in your astral body? What emotions have gone back and forth between you and the other person? Are they healthy? Then send light down through the cord.

Hold fast, together, to the Rope of Light. When Death approaches you, shift your attention to your crown chackra, focus on the Rope of Light leading into the Kingdom of Light and repeat the shahada, greeting the Angel of Light.

So mote it be!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak

The fellowship of the Rose Sufi Crescent prays that all blessings from Allah will be upon you during this wonderful day. Eid Mubarak.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Night of Power - Laylat al-Qadr

The Night of Power, Laylat al-Qadr, is coming upon us like a meteor. This is the night to remain vigilant. On the night of Laylat al-Qadr we must remain in prayer. This is the night that our fate for the next year will be decided. But our prayers cannot be just for ourselves, for every fiend prays for himself. They must also include those we love, for everyone human prays for those they love. But our prayers must also be for those we are acquainted with. And for those we have never met - all humans. But we must go beyond our own species. We must love all creatures. And we must love all plants and all minerals. We must love the entire planet. Laylat al-Qadr, the night the angels hand our fate to us, is the night we send prayers up on behalf of all of creation.

Meditation for Laylat al-Qadr

*Begin by counting down from 13 to 1
*Slow your breathing to 4 breaths per minute
*Repeat Ar-Rahman (in breath) Ar-Rahim (out breath)
*In your mind's eye
- See yourself lying in a cave
- Feel the cold, damp, dark cave under your skin
- Before you suddenly appears the Arch-angel Gabriel
- You see a Book - the script within the book is on fire
- Take the Book and place it on your heart
- Feel the warmth from the Book and its fire script


*Bring your attention to your heart
*Call up feelings of thankfulness
- Remember a time that made you very happy
*Hold that feeling of thankfulness
- those you love - give them the thankfulness and love
- See a giant mass of humans - give them the thankfulness and love
- See animals and plants - give them the gift of thankfulness and love
- See the earth from space - give it thankfulness and love

Before you stands the angels bringing you your fate.

Surrender before your fate

Thank the angels for the dispensation of Allah that they bring to you

Be grateful

Count back from 1 to 13

When you open your eyes praise Allah

So mote it be!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ramadan moon cycles and Sufi practice

According to the Rose Sufi Crescent tradition as taught by Al-Khidr, each of the four phases of the moon during Ramadan correspond to the 4 stages of Sufism:

Stage 1: From the crescent through the waxing period is the time of the sharia (or law). This is why Muslims pay special attention to the rules of conduct during Ramadan. However, sharia, or religious law, is actually summed up in good works, in conduct and behavior towards others. It is the path of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance. During this moon cycle we become aware of, draw out, challenge, battle and overcome that in our inner world (the false self) that battles against the law of love. This year (Ramadan in Leo) we are called to overcome our own egotistical false selves.

Stage 2: The full moon is the time of tariqah, the camel's path through the desert and the spiritual oasis is reflected in the cosmic moon. During full moon tariqah we celebrate the power that the power of the particular gift that the Ramadan for the year provides. This year during the full moon of Ramadan we are called to celebrate the gifts of Ramadan, which are centered in leadership and nobility.

Stage 3: When the moon enters is wanning period we are called to surrender and be purified by experiencing haqiqah, which is the knowledge of the heart. Like a tired horse, we have left our rationale tethered at the oasis and now we proceed with the heart. haqiqah is the way of Truth - a truth that can only be known by the purified heart.

Today the moon is at 30% visibility. Now is the time to purify the heart. According to the Rose Crescent tradition, this is the day that the Prophet (PBUH) had his heart taken out and washed by the angels. We must do the same. To do so -

a. Recite La ilaha illa Allah 99 times
b. Bring your breathing down to 4 breaths per minute
c. Call upon the angels. Ask them to come to you.
d. See yourself lying prone upon the rocks as Ismail did.
e. See the knife in the angels hands.
d. Ask the angels to cut your heart out and wash it
e. See how they remove your heart. See them wash it. Feel how they replace it.
f. Turn your minds eye to the heavens. Behold the throne of God. Thank Allah for his gifts.
g. Focus your attention on your heart.
h. Allow the Love and Light of the cosmos to enter you. Feel your heart bathed in Love and Light.
I. Thank the angels. Thank Allah.
J. Return to a waking state.

Stage 4. During the new moon cycle, when the world is quiet and at peace, and the stars are intensely overhead, we will travel on a pilgrimage to the cosmic Bakkah and there we will receive marifah (gnosis).

So mote it be.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Abdulaziz Sachedina

Rose Crescent friends may benefit from the ideas and works of brother Abdulaziz Sachedina. Listen to brother Abdulaziz Sachedina discuss his work on Islam and pluralism here.

Questions he takes up:

How can we allow for an individual citizen to be both religious and separate from religion?
Is Islam and democracy reconcilable?
What are the methods of democracy and how do we define it?
How do we reconcile modern notions of human rights, and women's rights, and Islam?
Can religion define the boundaries of national identity?
Is Islam and pluralism compatible?

View his publications at Amazon here.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Approaching Full Moon in Ramadan

At this time you may want to call in the energies of spiritual leadership while at the same time guarding against the possible onslaught of the False Self's ultimate self-aggrandizement. To so so:

* Count from 13 to 1
* With each breath say "Ya Allah" (pronounced "Ya All-haaaaa")
* Say "Ya All" on the inward breath
* Say "haaaaa" on the outward breath
* You should limit your breaths to 5 per minute

After several minutes move your attention to your heart region
Breath Love and compassion into the Heart
Connect with the colors green and gold
Bathe your heart region with green and gold

Ask the Light that your Inner Leader awaken, bringing goodness to all and harming none

Draw your attention to the East - the realm of the sun. Draw in the energies of the sun. Allow them to bathe your entire energetic field. With your mind's eye take up your scimitar. Feel the scimitar in your hand. Say:

With this scimitar I discern Truth from Falsehood. With this scimitar I serve the Earth and Humanity. With this scimitar I banish all forms of shirk. With this scimitar I banish the False Self. With this scimitar I serve the Light.

Now return your attention to your heart area. Bring appreciation into the heart. Allow your mind to remember what you are thankful for. Hold thoughts of thankfulness. Remember how you felt when you were happy, loved, cared for and cared for others. Thank Allah for the life on earth you have been given and the chance to serve the Light.

When you are ready open your eyes and say "Bismallah - So mote it be!"

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ramadan in Leo Greetings

We would like to send out our sincerest greetings of joy and love to all of our Rose Crescent friends and brothers at this time.

Ramadan this year occurs during the month of August, ruled by the sun and the sign of Leo. As the moon begins to wax we take in its power. Ramadan in Leo can be a time where the energies of success are strongest. Spiritual seekers should beware, though, because Ramadan in Leo light could be used by the False Self to sway us that we are more spiritual than we are, that we are closer to the Light than we are. The False Self is especially beguiling during Ramadan in Leo. Because Leo shines through strongly, be on guard against megalomania whether it is in the political or spiritual arena.

Ramadan in Leo is an excellent time for us to wake up out of our slumber. Because the False Self is stronger, it is a time for us to become aware of it as it will not be sitting back behind the curtains of the deeper layers of the unconscious in hiding as it usually does.

A useful exercise for spiritual development: If you are a more extroverted person, catch yourself in a conversation or situation attempting to take center stage. Watch how you feel. Then the next time refuse to step forward into the center. Watch how the False Self trembles.

If you are an introverted person, let the power of Ramadan in Leo carry you into the center. Watch the False Self as it trembles either from fear of entering the center, and thus being exposed for the fraud that it is, or as it secretively enjoys the attention it usually foregoes.


So mote it be

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sister Rabi'ah and her mystical experience in Chile

We'd like to take this time to introduce the community to Sister Rabi'ah.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your walk in life.

Sister Rabi'ah: First, all praise and thanks goes to Allah, the All Compassionate and Merciful. Thank you for interviewing me. Well, as you know I'm originally from Iraq. I grew up in a large family just outside of Basra. My father was a very devout man who read Qur'an with us everyday, prayed five times a day, and avoided everything that is forbidden. I was betrothed when the war broke out and my husband to be, may he be granted a high level in paradise, was killed during the invasion.

Q: So what happened to you?

Sister Rabi'ah: It's a long story. My brother and I decided to leave Iraq. We paid a fee and were smuggled into Syria. From there we went to Lebanon. We have some family in Canada so we were able to get permission to immigrate. It took several years, though. And we still don't have work visas.

Q: And how did you hear about the Rose Sufi Crescent?

Sister Rabi'ah: I went to a khanqah in Beirut. It is a gathering place of sufi, Christian and Druze who want to worship together. As you know, they meet on the first new moon of every quarter. Several sisters there introduced us to working with the rose and the crescent.

Q: And what happened after you went to Canada?

Sister Rabi'ah: I came into contact with a Rose Crescent ambassador in Toronto who told me about the work of Peace Pilgrim. I started reading her thoughts and learning about her ideas. I was really fascinated by this great woman. So then I decided to go somewhere I had never been before. I told my family about my dreams. I felt I needed to do what something like -though of course not so great - as what Peace Pilgrim had done. I flew to Santiago, Chile and then went by bus down further south. Now my plan is to walk to the tip where you can see the Antarctica.

Q: Did you say walk?

Sister Rabi'ah: Yes. That is what Peace Pilgrim did. She walked across the United States teaching people about non-violence. I'm doing the same. I've been learning Spanish. And I've met so many wonderful people who have taken me for the night. They offer me food and a place to stay.

Q: Isn't that an odd thing for an Iraqi woman to be doing?

Sister Rabi'ah: Of course it is. If my cousins saw me going about now with just a backpack and no male to protect me they would be shocked. But I'm protected by Allah. I place myself in the Light and Trust that the Cosmos will provide me with the safety I need.

Q: Do you ever plan on going back to Iraq?

Sister Rabi'ah: God willing. If it is in Allah's plans I will return to Iraq and help spread the message of Peace and non-violence.

Q: And what about Peace Pilgrim?

Sister Rabi'ah: There was one night I want to tell you about. I was walking and it was getting really late. I didn't have anywhere to stay and it didn't look like I was going to find a place that night. So I just kept walking down this dirt road. As I was walking I was meditating on the rose and the crescent. My breath and gate had fallen in step for quite so time and with my inner eye I was looking at the moon as it waxed, transformed into a beautiful red rose, and then waned. Suddenly I felt her walking next to me. I could see her out of the periphery of my vision. The stars just started getting so bright. I felt her love surrounding me. I saw her hand reach out and touch my shoulder. The next thing I knew I woke up in a barn covered with straw and there were cows around me. So I did my prayers, got up and got back on the road. Somehow I had been transported about 20 miles further down the road. Later I learned that the area I would have gone into was notorious for gangs and that several women had disappeared there.

Q: So somehow Peace Pilgrim had transported you to safety beyond that place on the road?

Sister Rabi'ah: By Allah. It is the most miraculous thing that has happened to me. But I felt her love and care for me. It was so strong. And through her I felt the love of Fatimah, Aisha and Khadija. When I woke up I saw, just for a split second, the three of them before me.

Q: Is that the first experience you have had with the Three Holy Swans of Allah?

Sister Rabi'ah: I was introduced to them first in Lebanon through some of the sisters there and then also in Toronto. But that was the first mystical experience I've had of them.

Q: May you have many more as our faith is taken to the next step when we embrace the Divine and holy Feminine. Thank you so much for allowing us to share your testimony. May you always be in the Light. May your path be blessed.

Sister Rabi'ah: Thank you. May Allah be with you and with all of the members of the Rose Crescent.

Q: May the fragrance of the rose carry your soul onto the divine realms; may the rays of the moon cause illuminate your body and cause your very cells to dance and whirl in praise of Allah.

Sister Rabi'ah: So mote it be!

Q: So mote it be

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spiritual Unity and the Cave of Treasures

Q: In our previous post, we discussed the issue of the unity of the world's religions. Doesn't this seem counter-intuitive considering that Islam claims to be the True Religion?

Habib Ullah: The Qur'an never claims that Islam is the only path to God. Instead, God has sent out revelations to all people everywhere. No people, not even islanders in the Pacific, have not been reached and blessed by the Revelation.

Q: Are you saying that this is because Christian and Muslim missionaries have spread the Book?

Habib Ullah: No, no, no. Often times what missionaries bring with them is counter to the Message of the Book. What we are saying is that even Paleolithic Man had received divine messages from the Light. Ancient Shamans traveled into the Divine realms where they contacted Jinn, angels, and the Message itself. Artists connected with Being. One need only view ancient cave art to understand this. The Book is actually written on our hearts. We need only journey inwards to find the Revelation.

Q: The verse we discussed in our last post tells us that we, who think we have the Truth, may actually have just the one coin of silver whereas the "pagan" may have the abundance of gold.

Habib Ullah: Precisely. Unfortunately, in Orthodox Islamic circles this ayat is given very little thought. To connect with this verse:

Sit quietly
Stop the chatter in your brain (or at least don't latch onto it)
Tune into your breath
Try to reduce your breath to six breaths per minute
Now -
Imagine you are in a cave (just as the Prophet entered many times)
In the cave there is a torch blazing
Shadows dance upon the walls
Not far from where you are sitting the floor opens into a deeper cavern
Below you hear water
Feel the Depth
Allow it to bubble up towards you
Know that from within this Depth the Revelations given unto all Humans everywhere has sprung
Sit quiet
Allow It to Speak to You if It wishes

Monday, July 04, 2011

Qur'an Surah III: 75-76 Argument for Religious Unity

Whereas in the New Testament Jesus tells his disciples to go forth and preach (Mathew 24:15), setting in motion an entire millennium of missions (and all the atrocities that followed in the wake of the Church's attempt to conquer with the cross and sword), the Qur'an presents a corrective note. There is no reason to convert others to your faith. True exoteric Islam is not one of dogma, but one of deeds.

In popular Christianity one cannot be saved unless one converts. Thus, millions and millions of heathen are condemned, despite that "God is Love," to eternal hell fire.

The Qur'an tells us:

"Among the People of the Book are some who, if entrusted with a hoard of gold, will quickly pay it back while others, given only a single silver coin will hoard it unless you stand over them and demand repayment. They will say, 'There is no duty for us to faith with the ignorant.' But they tell a lie against the Light."

The verse begins with an allegory similar to Jesus' story of the steward. However, the text quickly makes sure that we, the hearers, know that this concerns the question of religious unity. Is there a duty on us to practice faith together?

When we perform good deeds we repay that which has been entrusted to us. But we cannot do this only within our own religious traditions. We must do it united with all Peoples of the Book. Verse 75 is a call for all people of all faiths to practice their faith together. In case there is any doubt about the meaning, verse 76 tells us:

"Nay - Those that keep their plighted faith and perform meritorious deeds - verily, Allah loves those who act aright."

By "plighted faith" the Qur'an points us back to our perspective of the Other. We believe the Other's faith is plighted. We believe we are right and their beliefs are wrong. In the moment the dark spot in our heart wishes to condemn the "ignorant" and demand that he or she converts, the Qur'an turns it back onto us. Perhaps we are the one with the silver coin refusing to repay Allah for we have lost sight of our calling to act aright, performing charity, taking care of the poor, being good stewards of the earth.

Let us put conversion and missions behind us. Let us serve the poor and the suffering without thought of converting them. Let us practice faith together. Let us repay the silver and gold we have been given as one.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quran Surah III: 67 The True Religion of Abraham

It has become popular in some circles to use the term "Abrahamic Faith" to describe the religions that sprang forth from the impulse that was directed through Abraham. Although the patriarch pre-dates the three great Near Eastern religions, a central question has always lingered as to what religious forms he practiced. Was he a practicing Jew? In other words, was his way of worshiping God and carrying out his religious daily practices something that Jews would recognize and say, "he is one of us"? Since Christians have, in large part, claimed the Hebrew scriptures as their own, and have historically believed that much of the Old Testament foreshadowed their own history, than Christians are also likely to ask, "Was Abraham a proto-Christian? Did he already recognize and know that Jesus would descend from him?" In fact, the Gospels spend a bit of time trying to draw out Jesus' lineage. Muslims, too, have entered into the debate by insisting that Abraham's practices were similar - or the same - as Muslim practices. So, what religion was Abraham?

The Qur'an offers tremendous and radical insight:

"Abraham was not a Jew,
Nor was he a Christian;
But he was true in faith;
And surrendered his will to Allah's,
And he joined not gods with God.

Among humans, the nearest relatives are those
that, like Abraham, surrender their will to Allah."

The point is that Abraham was neither Jew, nor Christian, nor Muslim. Instead, he was one who practiced a deep existential surrender.

This, in deed, is a dividing line between fundamentalist Muslims, who claim that Abraham literally practiced the rituals of Islam and that Muslims restored what was lost and Sufis, who understand that the verse points to a deeper state of being within oneself.

If one follows the logic of the verse than one finds the miracle of unity within it. One doesn't reach Abraham through the rituals or beliefs of any of the three great Near Eastern faiths. One only approaches Abraham through an inner state of surrendering one's will to Allah (the Light).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quran III:61 - Prayer Unto the Curse of Allah

If anyone resorts to abusive disputations with you after Deep Knowledge has indwelt you, say to them: "Come! Let us gather together - our sons and your sons, our women and your women, Ourselves and yourselves. Then let us pray with all earnestness, from the depths of our heart, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who are lying."

The Curse of Allah is a terrible thing to come upon someone. It is like a dark storm with severe winds that will blow over you. The one who is caught in it will have to lay flat on the ground, in terror and trembling. Boils will cover their whole body. Their fortune will be taken from them. Ruin will haunt them until the curse is lifted. Death would be a welcome release from the curse.

We do not enter lightly into such a prayer unto the Curse of Allah. It can only be undertaken with all seriousness and only after one has attained the station of Deep Knowledge. During the period that the prayers are engaged in, nothing in one's heart can be hidden. If there is any doubt body will begin to shake. If one is insincere pains will begin to hit them throughout their body. Only the pure in heart and intention can withstand this trial. One is following the path of Job here. There will be warnings to turn back before it is too late. Strange birds will come to the window. As the prayers precede there will be ever more strange sounds. The very ground beneath you will tremble. Finally, the one who is lying (note: not the one who is wrong but the one who is lying) will have the curse fall upon them. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of Allah!

The key to unlocking this amazing passage is that the curse falls in the end upon the one who is intentionally lying. Since the Revelation has been disbursed to all Mankind through 133,000 prophets and countless more minor prophets, and then misunderstood by generations, we all hold false beliefs and have errors in our thinking, depending on the station upon which we are. However, the curse will fall upon the one who maliciously accuses, who engages in abuse over theological ideas.

Note that the Revelation does not sanction fighting each other over beliefs and ideas. Not does it endorse using the prayer onto the curse to solve differences that might exist between our ideas, whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. It is only to be used when their is abuse in order to draw out the malicious lier. It can also only be initiated by one who has received the indwelling of the Deep Knowledge of the Depth, Light, Truth.

If you decide to proceed, then allow a 144 days following the conclusion of the prayer gathering, which itself should be 48 hours (note the numerological significance). Within the 144 days the curse will manifest. If it doesn't, then it is safe to conclude that no one was lying.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are Mirrors One to Another

According to the venerable Rumi, "The Prophet [PBUH], said: 'You are mirrors to each other." This is a very powerful statement. What do you see when you look in the mirror? We, all of humanity, are mirrors to each other. We see ourselves when we see the Other.

We need to understand that the cosmos is a place of both individuation and unity. Although there are billions and billions of human souls, ultimately there is only one Anthropos. The Earth Being Adam was brought into existence. From the Earth Being all other human spirits, like sparks, were sent off. We are collectively One Being. All thoughts we think are imprinted into that One Earth Being.

On the earth plane, we help ourselves when we help others (our mirror). What you see in others that you don't like, or like, is exactly what is within you. If you hate something, it is because that thing is lurking in the shadows of your inner world.

A word to legalists: the sin which you hate in others is the very sin that is tormenting you in your own soul. Instead of persecuting the other, look within and change yourself. Allow light, good and beauty to fill you. Surrender your ego. Only then will you find the beauty in the other - the mirror.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Qur'an III: 64 Call for Inter-religious Dialogue

[And Allah Saith for you to] Say [to those who would fight with each other amongst you] "O People of the Book! Let us agree upon the following - We all worship none other than Creator; we do not associate any created being with Creator; we do not elevate humans as Lords and Patrons as replacement for God."

Bismallah! The Light has Revealed itself in these golden verses of unity brought down amongst us.

Friends, brothers, sisters - this is testimony to the central message of the Holy Qur'an: Let us all agree upon a core set of principles and let us allow each other differences of opinion based on our traditions. It is time that we allow these beautiful pearls to enter into our auric field and seep deep into our hearts. For too long now the People of the Book have torn each other asunder. Christian crusades, Sunni versus Shia, Jews attacking Palestinians, Muslims retaliating. The hour is late. The earth is crying out. Now is the time to join hands.

This should serve as a warning to those who profess belief during the day and then deny it at night! Allah has no tolerance for disrespecting each other's faith!

May you have a blessed and wonderful sabbath - be it Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Qur'an Surah III: 51-53 True Christians are Muslims

Jesus said: "It is Allah who is my Lord and your Lord; Then worship Allah. This is a way that is straight."

We find in the words of the Prophet Jesus, PBUH, clear testimony that all beings, no matter how exalted in the universe, or how divergent in their paths, have the same One Lord. The Apostle Jesus testifies that Allah is "my Lord and your Lord." It is a statement that is not based on the views or opinions of humans, or the particular religious affiliation. There is only One Lord, and that One Lord is the Lord of All.

After finding unbelief in them (meaning a rejection of the the Oneness of God who is God of All), he said: "Who will be my helpers to do God's work? [Some in the crowd answered]: "We are God's helpers. We believe in God and bear witness that we are Muslims."

There are a couple of interesting points here that we should meditate on: First, God (the Light) invites us to serve as helpers. To be a disciple of Jesus is to help the Light to manifest in this dense world of matter. Our duty as disciples of Jesus is to pull Spirit down into Matter while raising matter up towards Spirit. This is the work of a helper. Second, by progressing on this path of being a helper, one becomes a Muslim, namely: one who has entered into a state of surrender. To be a Muslim is a totalizing existential state.

Both mainstream Christians and Muslims should take heed from these sections of the Holy Qur'an. Both groups make the mistake of how one becomes a "disciple." Evangelical Christians mistakenly believe it is a matter of simple belief in the work of Christ on the cross, when in fact it is about becoming a co-worker with Jesus. Most Muslims today mistakenly believe that one is a Muslim if one adopts a certain dress code, performs prayers in a certain way, keeps the law, customs. In fact, being a Muslim is to be in a state of complete surrender from within the heart. We Muslims must move from the exterior to the interior; we Christians must move from simple phrases that excuse oneself to acts or deeds of kindness and compassion in this world.

Christians and Muslims yoked together could prove to be a powerful force against the forces of darkness.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iran to ban dogs

Question: It has come to the public eye that the government of Iran may attempt to ban people from owning dogs. Apparently stray dogs are often rounded up from the streets and then killed. What is the Rose Crescent position on the ownership of dogs?

Habib Ullah: The killing of God's creatures is a horrible act and is contrary to Islam.

Question: Many Iranian Mullah's claim it is because dogs are considered "unclean."

Habib Ullah: That is why they shouldn't eat them. Many things are unclean, but it doesn't give anyone permission to kill them or forbid people from owning them.

Question: So Islam allows you to own a dog?

Habib Ullah: Of course. The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, loved all animals. As humans we are caretakers of what belongs to Allah. We are on this earth to provide care and compassion. If you care for a dog, or cat, it is counted as a great blessing for you and is written down.

Question: You said the Prophet loved all animals.

Habib Ullah: According to very reliable tradition, the Prophet, PBUH, once said: "A prostitute was forgiven her sins because when she passed by a tired and thirsty dog who was panting heavily at a well, and who was about to die from dehydration, removed her shoe, and fastening it to her veil, drew some water out of the well for the dog. And because of this act she was forgiven."

Imagine that. Years of prostitution forgiven by a single act of rescuing a thirsty dog!

Question: What do you say to the clerics who persist in their hate of dogs?

Habib Ullah: I would tell them that years of keeping their beards at proper length will not save them from the hellfire of hurting a single dog. If saving a dog gains you forgiveness, then hurting a dog incurs wrath.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Qur'an Surah III:55 Jesus and Interfaith

Behold! Allah has said: "O Jesus! I will raise you to myself and cleanse you of all false doctrines of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow you above those who reject you, until the Day of Resurrection. Then shall all people (of all faiths) Return to me, and I will judge between you about the matters that you dispute."

In this ayat is a powerful message. First, it is a call for unity among the peoples of this world (specifically in the context the children of Abraham). Secondly, Allah sets out a covenant with Jesus that will last until the Day of Resurrection. Thirdly, all doctrinal disputes that lead to strife are to be handed over to Allah.

We at the Rose Sufi Crescent encourage all of our Muslim, Christian, Jewish brethren to join together in peace. This Easter let us celebrate together the mission of the great teacher and prophet, Jesus of Nazareth.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Jinn - Alien connection

Do you believe in the existence of Jinn? Many people claim to be good Muslims, but they do not believe in the existence of our cousins. The earth is on the brink of collapse. Destruction and evil are in human hearts. The Holiest of Books, the Qur'an, plainly tells us that humans and Jinn are to form an assembly. The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, brought the Book not just to humans but also to the Jinn.

We must endeavor to understand that it is possible to have contact with Jinn. We can work with them just as we work with other humans - to accomplish good on this earth.

John E. Mack, the late Harvard Professor of Psychology, did a brilliant study of Alien-Human encounters, entitled "Abductions." Everyone should read this book and then seriously study the UFO phenomena. If you open your heart you will come to discover that what are called Aliens are in reality Jinn.

Mack explains that Aliens are attempting to help raise the consciousness level of humanity to prevent global destruction. Of course, all of this is by the Will of Allah.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Our Hearts go out to Lahore Sufis

The Rose Sufi Crescent - We send our prayers and heartfelt sorrow to all our Sufi brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May those killed be granted paradise. May those wounded be granted speedy recovery. May the perpetrators be brought to justice. May those who have a desire to commit violent religious crimes come to a right understanding and change of heart.

So mote it be

Quran Surah III: 14-15

Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things of this world that they covet...

Say: Here are glad tidings far better than the things of this world:

For those in nearness to the Light: Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath. Therein is their Eternal home, with Companions pure and holy. And they dwell therein for the good pleasure of God.

The key to understanding this profound passage is the contrast between this world in which our lower selves are drawn to and the eternal abode which is far better. We should avoid falling into the modern trap of imagining these gardens are only figurative. They are real and they can be experienced now while we are in our bodies. The second point to pull out is that our Companions are there waiting for us. These Companions serve as our spirit guides while we walk in dense matter. And finally, our access to the garden is not something we earn, but it is through the grace of Allah.

To experience the garden, perform a ritual ablution and recite a prayer, asking for forgiveness (recite ayat 16: "Our Lord, we have believed. Forgive us our sins, and save us from the Fire"). Then get comfortable and close your eyes. Begin counting down. Pay special attention to your breaths as you count down from 13 to 1. Imagine yourself going down a flight of stairs. In your mind you will see a door with Quranic inscriptions. Next to the door is a niche with a flame burning. In your hand is a stick. Go to the niche, say Allah Akbar, and light your stick. Then enter through the door into the garden. Experience the garden. See the trees. Feel the breeze. Hear the water bubbling up from underneath. There in the gardens will be your Companions. Go to them. Sit with them. Do you have questions you need answered? Feel free to ask them. Do you need guidance? They will help you as a friend helps a friend. Do you need them to pray for you, ask them to pray for you or a loved one for a specific condition. Or just sit quietly with them, enjoying their presence.

When you are ready, return through the door, walk back up the stairs and open your eyes, finding yourself in your body.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

USA wants Russia to Help in Afghanistan!

In a bizarre twist, the USA is now seeking Russian aid in the war in Afghanistan (apparently since Britain, France and Germany all are backing away from the insanity). What could be more Orwellian than Russian and American troops fighting side by side against Afghanis (insurgents, mujahideen, Taliban, village boys and old men)?

Before we forget, let's recall the horrors of the Soviet War:

1 million Afghans dead
5 million displaced as refugees
2 million displaced within the country
1.2 million disabled
Mass environmental damage
Mass carpet bombing of cities such as Kandahar
10-15 million landmines left as a "gift" for Afghanis
High child mortality (30%)
67% of surving children malnurished

So, now Obama/Clinton are seeking Russian participation. Certainly, this isn't to woo the hearts and minds of Afghanis. Many of the young men the proposed coalition army will engage were no doubt young children during the Soviet occupation (or at least born in the horrific aftermath).

The Rose Crescent House of Peace asks that countries engage the peoples of Afghanistan in such a way that suffering to humans, animals and the environment is minimized and general happiness for the Afghan people is maximized.

It should be understood that the Taliban, however repugnant, is not al-Qaeda. This is the mistake that the Bush administration made and that the Obama administration is beginning to make.

Afghanistan is not the major security threat facing the West or America. The real threats are: global inequality, poverty, environmental damage and collapse, water shortages, global food prices, species extinction, human traffiking, organized crime, proliferation of small arms, oppression of women, corporate greed, etc.

Is terrorism a danger? Of course it is - as is piracy. But it pales in comparison to the real issues facing the world. The War against Afghanistan is a distraction from what the real issues are.

We pray that the world's leaders realize this.

So mote it be!

If you are a member of the Rose Crescent, here is the latest recommendation of what you can do:

1. Enter the celestial temple
2. Hold an image of a world leader in your mind
3. Place that person in Afghanistan
4. Send him/her thoughts of peace
5. Send her/him an image of the scale of balance


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan

The Rose Crescent House of Peace endorses much of the new film by Brave New films on Afghanistan. The recent position paper circulated by the House of Peace calls on the USA to immediately cease all unmanned drone attacks inside of Pakistan.

Moreover, the Rose Crescent position on Afghanistan is that further military escalation will push thousands more into the Taleban camp.

We put forward that the Taleban theology is un-Islamic. However, its defeat must take place within the realm of theology and not bullets.

We categorically assert that the USA is in danger of starting down a road of genocide against the Pashtun people. As more Pashtuns take up arms in defense of their villages, the war will continue to escalate.

We do not call on the USA to cease operations because, as some believe, the war cannot be won by the Americans. Whether or not the USA can defeat the Taleban is irrelevant. Our call is based on the cost of human life, the destruction of what is left in Afghanistan, and the destruction of the environment that will result from operations that will quickly move from fighting the Taleban to fighting Pashtuns.

If the Obama administration moves forward with its operations, we predict that the "surge" will continue upwards to 100,000 USA troops; we predict that over a million Pashtuns will be killed or severely injured; that alternatives to the Taleban will be completely destroyed; and that the environment will be further degraded (through uranium munitions, aerial spraying of opium crops, etc), further eroding life in Afghanistan - and thus fueling extremist groups such as the Taleban.

Interview with Ambassador Zia:

Question: You say that the Taliban cannot be defeated.

Zia: That is not what I said. Of course, anyone can be defeated. Drop enough bombs and they are dead. No. That is not the point at all. That is what those people who are caught up in machoism, on both sides, want to say.

Question: Why?

Zia: Why? They want to romantize the Taleban and the Afghan people as warriors for their own ends. They will portray them as "Indians" who were then beaten by an even more fierce people, the Americans, something the Soviets couldn't do. So, in the end, the Pashtuns are used by everyone for chest pounding purposes.

Question: What about the House of Peace's recent call for America to cease the military expansion.

Zia: Yes. That was the right call, I believe. Inschallah, it will be heeded.

Question: Do you think more people will go over to the Taliban if the war escalates?

Zia: Of course. Who are the Taliban? If you are Pashtun, they are your cousins. You speak the same language. You grew up with them. Look, when the warlords were all killing each other after the Russians left, everyone was happy the Taleban came in.

Question: So what should people do? Just give up and embrace them?

Zia: No. No one is saying that. But no one in the West is listening to us either. That is why I came to this meeting of the Rose Crescent here in London. So that I could tell you what we are thinking.

Question: Thank you Mr. Zia. And may the blessings of Allah be upon you and your family.

Zia: And upon you.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Comet Lulin and the New Teacher

There has been much recent excitement regarding the new teacher that has been born and the omen of her/his appearance by the comet.

We need to clarify that the new teacher is not a new prophet, but will serve as an exalted world Imam or mufti. S/he is an apostle of the Prophet.

Born this month, s/he will make her/his debut on the world stage around the year 2038 at the age of 30.

S/he will provide the right medicine needed for the world at that time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

USA Drone Attacks Inside Pakistan

The Rose Crescent's international House of Peace has completed its draft position paper on the American attacks inside Pakistan. The paper is currently availbe to all khaniqah members, and should not be distributed to the public at large until it has been approved at the district levels.

For those new to the Rose Crescent, the process is as follows:

1. The House of Peace receives testimony from eye witnesses, scholars, and others.
2. The members of the HP deliberate on the testimony.
3. A draft position paper is developed.
4. The paper is distributed to the international assembly of khanaqahs.
5. Comments are solicited.
6. The districts vote on it.
7. If it is approved at the district level, a motion is sent to the House of Peace.
8. It is further reviewed by the ulama present at the House of Peace.
9. A recommendation is made to issue one of the following: (a) a formal position; or (b) a fatwa is issued.

In short, though, the House of Peace has privately called on the U.S. to halt all attacks. Civilian life must be safeguarded.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Comet Lulin

The appearance of a new comet usually signifies both a paradigm shift and the coming of a new Teacher.

In 100 years from now earth's survivors may very well look back and mark Lulin's coming as marking the start of the New Paradigm of Spirit.

Lulin arrises out of water. The New Age is one of mystery. The comet comes in backwards, powerfully undoing all of the previous paradigms. Now begins the Age of Spirit. During this time a child has been born. In time S/he will manifest to lead the world. The color green is significant because of its connection to both the Prophet Mohamad and to the heart chakra.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New York

The New York khanaqah will be hosting a special lecture tonight at midnight, following prayers. Those in the area are invited to join. Our special guest brother from the valley of Swat will explain the situation in Pakistan and the work of the Rose Sufi Crescent there. This meeting will precede a discussion of the House of Peace's proposal on Pakistan. Join us for a lively question and answer session following the presentation.

Questions we will consider:

What should the Rose Crescent's position be with regards to USA actions?
What is the best way to curtail the growing influence of the Taliban?
Is Pakistan on the brink of collapse (again)?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How You Can Help Gaza

What can I do to assist the residents of Gaza?

Let us follow the 3 principles of helping others. Real help must take place in the three planes: the divine, the mainfest and the hidden.

First - the divine realm: Pray that Allah intervenes and creates the conditions for peace and justice. Ask the archangels to block the work of all malicious creatures, both human and jinn.

Second - the manifest: 1. donate money. Good places include

DEC at

International Red Crescent:

2. Disinvest - encourage everyone you know to boycott products associated with the occupation. Share this link:

3. Read and spread the word to your local papers and representatives.

Oxfam call: Open the borders -

Amnesty International:

Human Rights Watch:

Common Ground News Service:

The Electronic Intifada

MIFTAH - Palestinian Initiative for Democracy:

Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem:

The Hidden Realm:

Perform spirit-work in Palestine.

* Begin by using water to purify yourself, splashing it onto your face, neck and feet
* Place yourself in a relaxed meditative condition
* Ask the Light for protection
* Use google earth to zoom in on Occupied Palestine
* Close your eyes
* Breathe
* See yourself leaving your body, with your house growing ever smaller
* See Palestine before you
* Enter
* Move at ground level
* See the living and the dead
* Minister to the living - providing comfort
* Use your "magic mirror" to shine the Divine Light about
* Provide "magic water" to those who are suffering
* Use your "magic sword" - as did Al Khadr, may all Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, to cut the ties of evil, pain, resentment and revenge
* Plant "magic roses" in the ground, calling on the fragrances of our thousand year order to fill the land
* Call on your astral horse, camel or donkey for aid
* Assist the dead to mount onto your spirit animal who will take them to the light
* Count from 10 to 1
* Return to your body
* Say salat and drink water


Friday, January 16, 2009

Amnesty International on Gaza

Tell Congress to help humanitarian workers get into Gaza and to suspend all transfers of weapons to Israel


Gaza Emergency

Since the start of the invasion, the Rose Crescent House of Peace is currently working in emergency strategy on the situation in Gaza. Members should check the following links or contact your local House.

Stop the Genocide in Gaza!

Dear Friends,

We call on people of all faiths, especially the children of Abraham, to demand a stop to the atrocities in Gaza. We call on the world media to hear their cries, and to release news of Jewish voices for peace.

We ask that you watch these videos and distribute them further.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Qur'an Surah 2:115 God is Everywhere

To Allah belongs the East and the West
Wherever you turn
You find the Presence of Spirit
For Being is -


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meditation with Qur'an Surah 2:74

Take a deep breath. close your eyes. repeat Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim with each breath. Count from 13 to 1.


See yourself in the divine realms.
See the throne before you.
Feel how light you are.
Move freely about in the celestial atmosphere.
Enjoy the Throne of God.
See angels ascending and descending.
Experience the light that is everywhere.
See the Light that is in your breast.
Feel the warmth and glow.
Your are light.

Descend downwards towards the world of matter.
Feel the density around you.
Feel yourself become heavier.
Feel how you can barely move.
Feel how slow you are.
You are becoming denser.
You can barely breath.
You just lie there, immobile.
Heavy - inert matter.

A bolt of light strikes you.

You crack open.

Within you is holy water. You didn't even realize that it was there.
It rushes forth.
Feel love and compassion streaming towards All.

Again - be aware that You are as dense as a rock.
Holy water bubbles up.
Feel the joy.
Become aware of All being around you.
All is sentient. All is alive.
Joy overwhelms you.

Again - be aware that You are in the realm of matter.
You feel heavy.
You are inert.
There is an ocean before you.
You sink into it.
Downward you sink.
All is quiet.
You are in the Depths.
You are still.
You sense something.
You feel fear before the enormity of the Depth.
You are very still.
Before you...
You are struck by
The Beauty and the Terror if Existence.

Count upwards from 1 to 13
Open your eyes.
Say: Bimallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim - In the name of All Compassion All Mercy
Say: There is no existence but Spirit

Now read the verse (scroll down to previous blog entry)

So Mote it Be!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quran Surah 2:74 The Opening of the Rocks

Surah 2: 74

"Thenceforth were your hearts Hardened: they became even harder than a rock. From among these hearts of stone there are some from which rivers gush forth; others which when split asunder bubble forth water; and still others that sink into the depths for fear and awe of the Depth. And the Spirit is not Unmindful of what you do."

The revelation of Surah 2:74 should cause pause and reflection in us. It is a revelation of our existential reality. These are 3 possible reactions when the Spirit splits us asunder - the 3 ways of being on the path.

The first manner is the way of the river. This refers to our action in the world. Our engagement. Here our focus is on addressing social injustice, promoting peace, overcoming poverty.

The second manner is the way of bubbling forth. This refers to dialogue and discourse. Here we engage in the world of ideas, we listen to each other, we consider each other's opinions, we state and evaluate our own views. Individuals who follow this path often engage in conversations, conferences, write papers, etc.

The third manner is the way of the deep. This refers to meditation, contemplation, deep prayer. Here we often meet both Love and find ourselves adrift in a "dark night of the soul." This is the way of the mystic. The mystical moment is often one of apprehending beauty - it is the moment of "awe". Moreover, to stand before the abyss of the divine is to stand in fear and trembling.

Different individuals have proclivities towards different paths, but each of us finds ourselves at different times on one of these manners.

The verse ends by assuring us that God does not favor any one way over the other, but is mindful of our "jihad" or struggle as we each traverse "the path."

Question: You mention that there are three paths.

Watchman: There is actually only one path, but different ways of navigating that path.

Question: Could you say a few words about how this relates to interfaith dialogue? As you know, King Abdullah has recently initiated a conference on this theme.

Watchman: We would like to congratulate his Highness on this first step. However, we need to also be aware that the Qur'an clearly moves deeper than just thinking about interfaith within the Abrahamic Faith. This verse is an excellent example of that depth. Although all three manners are found within the People of the Book, so too in Buddhism, Hinduism or various forms of polytheism. We must remember that God has sent a Messenger to All Peoples, tribes and nations.

Question: You spoke of the metaphor of water in the verse...

Watchman: Yes, water is one of the key elemental substances (along with fire, air and earth). It is often associated with spiritual significance...

Question: Christian baptism, for example.

Watchman: Exactly.

Question: What of the first verse: "Thenceforth were your hearts Hardened: they became even harder than a rock"?

Watchman: In the Rose Sufi Crescent tradition, we understand this verse as referring to the moment of hardening - the moments are spirits reenter the world of matter. In our pre-existence we are spirit but when we re-incarnate we become dense matter.

Question: Are there any other possible interpretations?

Watchman: The Glorious Qur'an is the revealed Word, delivered unto the 18,000 dimensions of reality. Wherever one is in this cosmos (both physically, mentally or spiritually) one will interpret it differently. It has a very different interpretation depending on if the "reader" perceives him or herself to be within or outside of Grace. Our RSC interpretation is for those who understand that they are within Grace.

Question: And others?

Watchman: Well, a legalist would naturally interpret "hardening" as turning away from Spirit. That is unfortunate, though. They would also probably "misread" the ending as something such as "God is watching you and will punish you."

We can also interpret the verse as speaking directly to the prophets and angels as follows:

Rushing water = call the world to a new paradigm of Love, Peace and Compassion
Bubbling water = dispensing new ethical teachings of Truth
Sinking into deep water = providing instructions on contemplation and union with Beauty

Rushing water = serving to intervene in earthly affairs to promote love, peace and compassion
Bubbling water = providing comfort to the afflicted
Sinking into deep water = singing praises before Beauty

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sufis and Rosicrucians Congratulate Barack Obama

The Rose Sufi Crescent, an international Muslim-Sufi-Rosicrucian organization, extends its heartfelt congratulations to President-elect Obama. We believe that his nomination was by Divine Guidance and an answer to many hours spent in prayer. Muslims all over the world celebrate his nomination as the Sword of Allah, the Cup of Grace, the Wand of Spirit and the Coins of the Tao move upon our globe.

True Muslims, Sufis and Rosicrucians rejoice in this paradigm shifting event. May this planet earth come to realize the Kingdom on Earth. May we all unite in working towards peace, unity, justice, tolerance, appreciation of each other. May people of all faiths as well as atheists join together to lift the poor out of poverty, to reverse global warming and to protect the environment, safeguard animals, plants and humans.

May we become stewards of earth in this most beautiful day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happenings in the Rose Sufi Crescent order

Dear Friends of the Rose Crescent,

As many of you know, for over one year the Rose Crescent has been silent. Our fraters we're secluded in contemplation, praying for an end to the war in Iraq, a peaceful resolution to the troubles in Palestine, an end to the tragedy in Darfur, a transformation of humanity's relation to the earth, etc.

Yet, the world continues to worsen. How long shall it continue so?

Moreover, as some of our brothers fell to the sword while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Ali we have been much grieved and using other means to remain in communication.

May Allah bless all of you now and forever.

Yours faithfully

Monday, February 19, 2007

Islam, Sufism and Reincarnation

Many Muslims mistakenly believe that after death the soul resides at the place where the body has been buried, awaiting the resurrection. What does the Qur'an teach?

The Archangel Gabriel in Surah 2: 28 revealed:

"How can you reject faith in God? Do you not recall that you were once without life, and Allah gave you life; then God will cause you to die, and will again bring you to life; and finally to Allah will you return."

The above passage speaks clearly to the reality of reincarnation. Life and death are given to us as gifts from Allah. The cycle is continual. We are born, we die and then we are born again. Eventually we return to the Source.

According to the Rose Crescent the following outlines our cosmic journey:

(1) We (our higher self - Ruh/Spirit) were originally with the Light (Allah, the Divine Source) in the Throne of Allah;
(2) We descended from the Throne into the Cosmos (with the first station being Bakka);
(3) We incarnated into the world of matter (with our spirits- Ruh - being joined by the soul - nafs);
(4) Our dual selves (Spirit and Soul) now take on a body;
(5) Our bodies die. The soul and spirit now divide. The sould re-enters the astral planes, living with other spirits (wherein we learn, progress, heal, etc); The spirit returns to Bakka;
(6) The soul now descends again into the worlds of matter, reincarnating (numerous times);
(7) Eventually our soul(s) ascend to ever higher (or lower) states of vibration (heavens, paradise, hells);
(8) At the End of Time we will finally be drawn back to the Source (the Throne) and reunited/commingled with the Light.

One of the things we should note here is that the final act at the End of Time of reuniting with the Source is an act of grace. No one can earn reunification. It is a gift of Allah. However, our stations both in the worlds of matter and on the astral planes depend on our own efforts. The cosmos operates like music. We go to that which we resonate with.

Quran Suran 18: 45 is another passage that hints at reincarnation:

"Set forth to them the similitude of the life of this world: It is like the rain which we send down from the skies: the earth's vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stuble, which the winds do scatter: It is Allah Who prevails over all things.

The image here is powerful. The "rain" symbolizes the descent of our higher self (Ruh - sparks of light) to the earth. We are absorb here in the world of matter. Like the vegetation, where some are roses, others lillies, others trees, we all reach up towards the heavens, the sun, the moon and the stars. We blossom. We give off fragrances (manifesting good/ill deeds and accumulating Karma). Each has his/her place in the eco-system (the divine plan and cosmic structure). Then we die. The wind (the Spirit) scatters our souls (referring to both the scattering of our karma into the world and the reincarnation of our lower souls - nafs - into other bodies). And the process begins again, with the rain (Ruh) descending to the earth. Eventually the Source (Allah) "prevails" over the cycle of reincarnation by drawing all things back to Itself.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jesus and the Imam Mahdi

The other day we received reports that an individual claiming to be the Imam Mahdi had plans to attack the ulama in Najaf.

Yes. This was very unfortunate and sad. There were even women and children amongst those who were killed.

It was a real tragedy. The House of Peace issued a fatwa that all people claiming to be the Imam Mahdi are impostors.

Yes. We are expecting the return of Jesus Christ. When he returns he will be universally recognized as the Messiah, Christ and Imam Mahdi by Jews, Christians and Muslims. He will bring the entire Abrahamic Faith together, and then reach out in peace and love to Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, atheists, agnostics, pagans and others, uniting the entire world.

Will he accomplish this through violence?

The Bible says that “he will lead the nations with an iron rod,” implying an element of violence. However, our own Rose Crescent tradition states that he will overcome through non-violence and peace (much as Gandhi and Badsha Khan overcame the British).

Weren't these two great men foreshadowings of the Imam Mahdi?

One could say that.

Many Shiite ulama claim that the Imam Mahdi will be accompanied by Jesus, but is in actuality the 12th Imam.

We disagree. According to our understanding the Mahdi and Jesus (who is, in fact, Michael the Archangel) is the same being. In reality, it is the Archangel Michael that will descend.

You mentioned that we are currently living under the spiritual direction of Fatimah Um Abi Ha, the manifestation of the Spirit of Wisdom.

The Spirit of Wisdom (and everyone should read Proverbs 8 to get a little better insight into her) has always been with humanity in various incarnations. Generally, we divide her manifestations into pre-Mohammedan and post- Mohammedan.

Could you give us some examples?

Pre-Mohammedan manifestations included Eve, Isis, Sheba, Kuan Yin, Miriam (the mother of Moses), Mary (the mother of Jesus), Mary (the lover of Jesus) and Khadija (the wife of the Prophet).

And post- Mohammedan?

Our present period has included Fatimah (who assumed the function as Queen of Heaven, standing at the gates of paradise), Aisha (who currently sits as the right hand of the Prophet), Rabia (who walks the earth as a spiritual ambassador of Fatimah, helping those (human, animal or jinn who call upon the Spirit of Wisdom for assistance, care and guidance), Zaynab bint 'Ali (who prays and cares for those who suffer injustice, malice and torture), Hildegard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila, Tahirih Qurratu'l-'Ayn and most recently Peace Pilgrim.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Iraqi cult leader killed in Najaf battle


The Rose Crescent House of Peace denounces all individuals claiming to be the Imam Mahdi as impostors. Muslims and Sufis (along with Christians and Jews) joyously await the triumphant return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Spirit of God, who was taken into heaven from Golgotha. Imam Jesus, who is currently in occultation in Bakka, will declare himself to be the Mahdi in Damascus (not Najaf).

Anyone claiming to be the Mahdi is either deluded or has evil intentions.

According to the Rose Crescent tradition Imam Mahdi (aka Jesus) will not carry the sword, or slay the ulama, but instead will return with the palm branch, overcoming through non-violence and pacifism. Through the power of Love and Peace he will quicken the hearts and lead all peoples (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, pagans, polytheists) to recognize the Kingdom on earth.

So mote it be!

For those unfamiliar with Islam, Muslims recognize that we are currently living in the time between the Manifestation of the Logos-Rasul in the person of the Prophet Muhammad and the return of Jesus Christ as Imam Mahdi. According to the Rose Crescent tradition, this period is under the spiritual direction of Queen of Heaven, Fatimah Um Abi Ha, physical daughter and Spiritual Mother of the Prophet (PBUH).

Manifestations of the Spirit of Wisdom (read Proverbs 8) are divided into their pre and post Muhammad incarnations (including but not limited to):

Prior to Muhammad (PBUH): Eve, Isis, Kuan Yin, Queen Sheba, Miriam (mother of Moses), Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary (lover of Jesus) and Khadija (wife and lover of Muhammad).

After Muhammad (PBUH): Fatimah, Aisha, Rabia Al-Adiwiyya, Hildegard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila and Tahirih Qurratu'l-'Ayn.

Quran Surah 2:26 - Sufism and Shapeshifting

In Surah 2:26 the Archangel Gabriel revealed that:

"The Light disdains not to use the similitude of things Lowest as well as things Highest."

The passage reveals the fact that God (the Light, Source, Depth, Being) appears in ALL things, be they the "lowest" (an insect) or the "highest" (the sun, moon, earth, stars, wind, mountain, etc). The Light manifests in all things, as Baha'u'llah further tells us: "there is not even an atom in which God is not."

Sufis understand this. When we encounter the world (e.g. a flower, insect or behold the magnificience of the sunrise) we know, and tremble with awe and respect, before those things - for they are the manifestation of Allah.

The ultimate shapeshifter is Allah, appearing in all things. But the Sufi too, like the shaman, may master the technique of shapeshifting, discovering the essence of a thing (plant, animal, element, star, planet, etc) and then, shedding her or his body, take on that similitude.

The historical accounts reveal that many Sufis could turn into animals, birds or the wind at will.

How is this accomplished?

Say "Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim"
Perform ablutions
Light a candle on your alter
Cover your eyes
Breathe deeply and count backwards

When you are ready

1. Know that all things are connected.
2. Know that at the ultimate level there is only the Source.
3. Form a clear mental image of the thing you intend to shapeshift into (e.g. a bird, tiger, water)
4. Focus on the One - the unity and Source of All things
5. Imagine the blue sky or the blackness of space
6. Feel yourself rising out of your body and moving into that space
7. Allow yourself to "shed" all your images of yourself and the things you believe yourself to be
8. Go deeper into that void
9. Suddenly recall the image of the thing you intend to become
10. Feel yourself shifting into that shape
11. Now you are that!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aisha and the Karkadann

From the Secret Sayings:

1. “And it came to pass in those days that the mighty Karkadann roamed through the hills and deserts of Arabia.”

The Karkadann is a magickal beast with the body and horn of a rhinoceros and the tail and mouth of a lion. It is known to live several thousand years. The Karkadann has a variety of magickal powers, including an ability to fly, to swiftly leap leagues within the blink of an eye, to appear or disappear at will and to savagely defeat any foe – physical or astral.

With its crescent shaped horn it is able to destroy evil wizards and pernicious monsters of the infernal regions.

Yet the Karkadann is no natural friend to man. Enraged to anger by human inclination towards the destruction of the environment and abuse of animals, the Karkadann seeks vengeance by destroying crops, villages and wayward wanders.

2. “So it came to pass that one day an enraged Karkadann, angered by the people’s insolence and reckless killing of wild camel herds, ferociously wandered the land, trampling wanderers and destroying villages.”

3. “And the people cried out in fear. Bedouin turned to their old sorcerers for spells that might ward off the Karkadann. The followers of Moses called upon those who had been trained in the secret arts for help. The followers of Jesus prayed for his protection. And the ummah circled about Muhammad, fearing to leave the vicinity of the House, lest the Karkadann catch them."

4. "And Abu Bakr placed strong armed guards around the village, ordering the women not go out – not even to tend the crops. Nor were the boys allowed to tend the herds."

5. "And the People of the Book, along with those who worshipped the Old Ones, fell into a deep despair."

6. "And during the night the angry wild bellows of the Karkadann could be heard."

7. "And the People gathered in their houses of worship, fearful, calling upon the Almighty for aid. But no one could turn the Karkadann away."

8. "One morning, as the sun had risen, and with the morning prayers completed, the young Aisha, on her 10th birthday, took her flute in hand and stole out of the village, wandering away from the Prophet and her father, who were locked in disputation."

9. "And she passed by the guards unseen."

10. "Running into the hills, she sat upon a cliff. And lo, an old man, a wizened man, with long beard and flowing gowns, holding a staff in his hand, appeared behind her."

“Fear not,” he said.

“Who are you?”

“I am Al Khidr. Come girl. Over that hill is a pool of water. Go to it and drink deeply,” he ordered, and then vanished.

11. "Having heard tales of jinn and angels, Aisha was thrilled by her vision and quickly climbed to the top of the hill, making her way through the large boulders until she saw the pool of water below."

12. "Having climbed down, Aisha drank from the cool waters of the pool. Wild rabbits soon joined her, allowing her to pet their smooth coats. A young camel and its mother wandered close to the pool. Aisha tip toed to the baby and gently stroked its head."

13. "And then she heard the terrifying call. It cracked the heavens in half. Birds leapt in fright from their perches. Rabbits scuttled away. A serpent slithered past her. The young camel and its mother rushed off. The sky darkened."

14. "At the top of the hill the Karkadann appeared, bellowing, smoke rising from its nostrils, its hooves pounding the ground, its fierce teeth snapping at the air."

15. "The Prophet was the first to sense the Karkadann’s appearance. Suddenly a cry went up in the village. No one had seen Aisha. Panic swept the people. The Prophet looked deeply within and saw where Aisha had gone, and saw the Karkadann charging down the path towards her, its crescent shaped horn menacing."

16. "Abu Bakr looked deeply into the Prophet’s eyes and saw the vision of danger. Grabbing their swords, they ran out of the house, but knew that there was no time to save her."

17. "Suddenly Aisha heard the old one’s whisper in the wind, telling her to take her flute and play."

18. "And Aisha began to play as the Karkadann charged towards her."

19. "Hearing the music, the magickal beast stopped in front of her. And Aisha had no fear."

20. "And the young girl began to dance before him, enchanting him. And the beast lay down before her."

21. "And after some time the young girl mounted the beast, and the Karkadann lept into the air and flew off to distant realms, where those of fire, air, water and earth do reside."

22. "And when the Prophet, Abu Bakr and the other companions, armed and ready for battle arrived at the pool there was neither a sign of Aisha nor of the Karkadann."

23. "That evening Aisha returned to the house of the Prophet. She was aglow with new powers. She told him what had happened, and that the Karkadann had been befriended."

24. "And the Prophet marveled at the young Aisha, and her new powers."

25. "Later, when the Prophet and the men went off to battle, leaving the women and elderly alone in the camps, Aisha had only to pick up her flute and play and the Karkadann would appear, ready to defend her against all raiders and enemies."

26. "And thereafter many a night Aisha, for the rest of her life, when the moon is full, Aisha would walk to the pool, play her flute, and then mount the Karkadann, riding off into distant nether lands, where she would commune with angels, jinn and spirits."

Today Aisha can be seen with spiritual eyes, dancing before the throne, riding the Karkadann and playing the flute. Those of innocent heart who would invoke her and the Karkadann for protection may do so by focusing on them and calling them into their circle.

1. Begin by lighting a candle on your alter
2. Say "Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim" in the seven directions: North, East, South, West, Bakka, World Above, World Below
3. Perform your ablutions
4. Close (cover) your eyes, breath slowly and count backwards
5. Imagine a dark screen before you
6. See a pool of water in a valley - projected onto the screen
7. Enter the screen and stand next to the pool
8. See Aisha riding the Karkadann
9. See Them ride up before you
10. Greet Aisha and the Karkadann
11. Ask them for assistance, guidance and protection
12. Listen, observe and feel their message to you
13. Thank them for their help
14. Count up to 10
15. Open you eyes
16. Perform a prayer of thanksgiving - turning to the seven directions
17. Snuff out the candle
18. In the following hours feel Aisha and Karkadann's presence about you

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rose Crescent and Traditional Sufism

How is the Rose Crescent different from Traditional Sufism?

There are a number of ways that we differ. First, and most importantly, traditional Sufism places a heavy emphasis on reliance and adoration of the Shaykh. We disagree. All of us have a Spark of the Light within us. Our goal is to clean the dross from our mirrors so that we realize that Spark, e.g. our Higher Selves. The best guide is the Shaykh (or Teacher). But this is not a human (as misunderstood by most Sufi groups). Every individual has a Shaykh that exists as a Spirit Guide in the Higher Realms. Our goal is to meet that person, commune with him/her and gain guidance.

In addition to our personal spirit Shaykh, we also teach that each of us must enter into a personal relationship with one of the great Prophets and Manifestations of the Spirit of Wisdom (especially Fatimah). Moreover, those wishing to deepen their understanding of Sufism as it arose from ancient Egypt are encouraged to directly work with the Great Teacher Al Khidr.

Second, we reject the patrilineal elements of most Sufi groups. We do not agree with the way in which most sufi groups pass on spiritual leadership from one generation to the next.

Third, we reject the paternalistic elements, the often male dominated leadership of most groups.

Fourth, we trace our own heritage (and in fact the entire world's hidden spiritual evolution) through the Three Swans of Heaven, the Heavenly Mothers, Khadija, Aisha and Fatima back to the Prophet and then even further back to Al Khidr - and beyond him to Osiris and Isis.

Fifth, unlike some neo-Sufi groups, we draw inspiration and value the spiritual authority of the Glorious Quran (along with all of the world's sacred and revealed scriptures).

Finally, we do recognize that the Spirit of Wisdom is at work in the cosmos today, having most recently Manifested herself (in varying degrees) in a variety of male and female persons, including: Tahirih Qurratu'l-'Ayn, Baha'u'llah, Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Khail Gibran, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Krishnamurti, Peace Pilgrim, and many others.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bahai Persecution in Egypt

Because of the overwhelming importantce of this appeal for tolerance of the Baha'i community in Egypt, we have mirrored the Following article, a translation. The author, Mr. Is'haq El-Sheikh, who is a regular columnist in AlAyam daily (a newspaper published in Bahrain), elucidates both the true spirit of Islam (which is rapidly under attack by fundamentalists and extremists of both Sunni and Shiite persuasion) as well as the true spirit of the Baha'i Faith.

It should be noted that this journalist is not a Baha'i.

"The sublimity of this divine Bahá [glory] was reacting with and reflected by the spirit and conscience of people as a joyfulness based on the principle of the unity of humanity, aimed at creating eternal happiness in their lives and consecrating them towards establishing a just peace on the face of the globe. From light, bursts forth Al-Bahá [the glory] in an exalted illumination, ennobling the souls [of people], calling to truth in beauty, loveliness and splendour.

From the dawn of history the heavenly [Divine] and non-heavenly religions have called for love and peace for the sake of salvation and good deeds among the people...and if the three heavenly religions call for love, Al-Baha’iyyah [Baha'i Faith], as a new religion, considers that it summarises and develops the achievement [essence] of these religious ideologies and elevates them to the spirit of the age and its feature of rapidly shrinking distances between nations and peoples, placing them in a home in one small village.

Not once--since its inception--has the Bahá’í religion taken one stand against the three heavenly religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, or any other religion. Rather, it started to spread its splendour in Bahá’u’lláh and the justice of His light, calling, reiterating and blessing--uncovering [throwing light on] the Bahá of glory of God in the heavens and on earth, through peace, love and the spreading of good-will among people.... It is as if he is repeating the Christian “Glory to God on high, peace on earth and love for all,” or the Judaic call: “Love one another, be in fellowship...thus will God love you,” or the Muhammadan call: “The doctrine of God lieth in loving people” [all paraphrased by translator]. This is what Al-Baha’iyyah means by: “This is that which hath descended from the realm of glory, uttered by the tongue of power and might, and revealed unto the Prophets of old. We have taken the inner essence thereof and clothed it in the garment of brevity, as a token of grace unto the righteous, that they may stand faithful unto the Covenant of God, may fulfill in their lives His trust, and in the realm of spirit obtain the gem of Divine virtue.”

Al-Bahaiyyah did not litter our paths with ugliness [indecency]; it did not declare hatred and enmity against our religion nor did it refute its spirit of true forbearance and tolerance; rather it has enshrined its luminous station, and cast the splendour of its enlightenment on the face of the earth in justice, love, peace and human solidarity and unity.

It was the International Declaration of Human Rights, perfected through earthly volition, promising all countries, including the Arab nations--with their customary apprehensive mistrust [sentence not completed]--that called for freedom of religion and the right of all nations to embrace a religion and a belief or not to have a belief. This, we see, is in harmony with the Muhammadan religion’s call for the right of religious freedom, and which the Holy Qur’an affirms: “You have your religion and I have mine” [paraphrased].

The purport of all of the above is to explain what has caused the indignation of all human rights proponents on the face of the earth when the sad and distressing news were reported about an oppressive and inhumane persecution of the [Egyptian] Bahá’í minority as it was deprived of the most basic of citizenship rights, following their natural right to belong to the Bahá’í religion--a right that is affirmed by all countries that are signatory to the Human Rights Convention. This has resulted in a big disappointment in the fairness of the Egyptian judiciary which has deprived them of citizenship rights. The justification for the court ruling was that the Egyptian constitution does not recognise any [religion] except the three heavenly religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism; as though laws and constitutions, that have been superseded by life and worn out by the passage of time, are holy and irrevocable scriptures that cannot be changed for the better.

It is known that the Egyptian Bahá’í minority did not ask for the Bahá’í Faith to be recognized, even though it is one of the rights of citizenship.... Its wish was simply to be free to carry out the requirement of the civil law that they must obtain identification cards without lying about their religious beliefs. Possessing such a card is a common right to which every native born Egyptian is entitled. It is indeed very strange that the custodians of the law would themselves enforce the violation of a government policy that all citizens without exception are expected to observe.... This has been pointed out by the Bahá’í Universal House of Justice in referring to the ordeal of the Egyptian Bahá’í minority; and the Universal House of Justice rightly poses this question in this regard, saying: “But to what purpose were these three religions invoked? Was it to justify the exclusion of certain citizens from exercising their civil rights? Would this not amount to a misuse of the authority of these faiths to perpetrate an injustice that offends the high standard of justice to which they hold their adherents?” [a direct quote from the Arabic translation]. The Universal House of Justice further affirms that the ruling issued against the Egyptian Bahá’í minority in not granting the personal ID was “unreasonable not only because it is contrary to prescriptions set forth in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Egypt is a signatory, but more especially because the sacred scriptures of Islam extol tolerance as a precept of social stability.”

All the democratic, enlightened and forward-thinking forces that care about the application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights raise their voices, in solidarity and support of all religious minorities alike--those within the Judaic, Christian and Muslim religions and those without--calling for the lifting of oppression from these minorities and the integration of their citizenship in the political, social, cultural and religious life of society, the same as all citizens whose rights are upheld by the observed laws and constitutions.

The Bahá’í order is a religious, world-wide, humane, peaceful and tolerant order in its principles, rites and daily observances as well as its attitude to other religions. To wage war against it and harass it is an unethical act that contradicts the spirit of Islam and its lofty ideals of treating other religions with tolerance and humane Islamic virtues, encapsulated in the spirit of [this verse]: “Wherefore have you enslaved people when their mothers have birthed them free?” The age of slavery has gone for ever; let the hands and minds and consciences of all the religions on earth be raised up in dialogue, love and brotherly solidarity for the sake of human justice and against tyranny, persecution and enslaving other rights and religions."

The Rose Crescent House of Peace calls on the government of Egypt and the Muslim peoples of Egypt to defend the rights of the minority Baha'i community.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fatimah (Toward the Eternal One)

Oh Fatimah Um Abi Ha

Turn us towards the One
- The Eternal One
- The Source
- The Depth
- The Being
- The Light
- The maker of all worlds, visible and invisible

Guide us, Oh Fatimah, daughter and mother of the Prophet, open our hearts to the Light
- You who are Queen of Paradise
- You who care for the weak, poor and suffering
- You who shelter animals
- You who tend to flowers, meadows and streams

Guide us on the Straight Path
- The Path of Peace
- The Path of Compassion
- The Path of Love

The Only Path leading to the One

So mote it be!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Idd-e Gadir Mubarak!

The Rose Crescent joins the Ismaili worldwide community in celebrating the appointment of Ali bin Abu Talib (PBUH) by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Ali, born in the Kaaba (cir. 600 A.D.), was virtually raised by the Prophet. Ali recalls that:

"The Prophet brought me up in his own arms and fed me with his own morsel. I followed him, wherever he went, like a baby-camel which follows its mother. Each day a new aspect of his character would beam out of his noble person and I would accept it and follow it as commanded."

Following his wife Khadija (PBUH), Ali was the second person to profess faith in Mohammad as Prophet. In his early twenties Ali took Muhammad's place in bed, risking assasination, and allowing the Prophet to escape to what is now called Medina.

Ali is remembered and praised by us for his loyalty and friendship to the Prophet, for having married Fatima Um Abi Ha, the Manifestation of the Spirit of Wisdom, for his great warrior attributes and for his spiritual insights. the only mistake Ali made during his career on earth is that he failed to recognize that the administrative torch had been passed to Aisha, which unfortunately (but mashallah), led to the tragic "Battle of the Elephant."

Those who make the spiritual journey to Bakka will find that today Ali sits at the right hand of the Prophet (PBUH), fellowships with the various Manifestations of the Logos-Rasul (e.g. Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad), dines at the head of the Saints, and remains eternally married to the Queen of Paradise, Fatima Um Abi Ha.

Together, Ali and Fatima are the eternally blessed divine couple. May all people everywhere recognize them, pay homage to them and call upon them for assistance in their own marriages - that love, peace and harmony may begin at home and extend in ever wider circles outward until the entire planet is redeemed, Inschallah.

So mote it be!