Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ramadan in Leo Greetings

We would like to send out our sincerest greetings of joy and love to all of our Rose Crescent friends and brothers at this time.

Ramadan this year occurs during the month of August, ruled by the sun and the sign of Leo. As the moon begins to wax we take in its power. Ramadan in Leo can be a time where the energies of success are strongest. Spiritual seekers should beware, though, because Ramadan in Leo light could be used by the False Self to sway us that we are more spiritual than we are, that we are closer to the Light than we are. The False Self is especially beguiling during Ramadan in Leo. Because Leo shines through strongly, be on guard against megalomania whether it is in the political or spiritual arena.

Ramadan in Leo is an excellent time for us to wake up out of our slumber. Because the False Self is stronger, it is a time for us to become aware of it as it will not be sitting back behind the curtains of the deeper layers of the unconscious in hiding as it usually does.

A useful exercise for spiritual development: If you are a more extroverted person, catch yourself in a conversation or situation attempting to take center stage. Watch how you feel. Then the next time refuse to step forward into the center. Watch how the False Self trembles.

If you are an introverted person, let the power of Ramadan in Leo carry you into the center. Watch the False Self as it trembles either from fear of entering the center, and thus being exposed for the fraud that it is, or as it secretively enjoys the attention it usually foregoes.


So mote it be


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