Friday, May 06, 2011

Qur'an III: 64 Call for Inter-religious Dialogue

[And Allah Saith for you to] Say [to those who would fight with each other amongst you] "O People of the Book! Let us agree upon the following - We all worship none other than Creator; we do not associate any created being with Creator; we do not elevate humans as Lords and Patrons as replacement for God."

Bismallah! The Light has Revealed itself in these golden verses of unity brought down amongst us.

Friends, brothers, sisters - this is testimony to the central message of the Holy Qur'an: Let us all agree upon a core set of principles and let us allow each other differences of opinion based on our traditions. It is time that we allow these beautiful pearls to enter into our auric field and seep deep into our hearts. For too long now the People of the Book have torn each other asunder. Christian crusades, Sunni versus Shia, Jews attacking Palestinians, Muslims retaliating. The hour is late. The earth is crying out. Now is the time to join hands.

This should serve as a warning to those who profess belief during the day and then deny it at night! Allah has no tolerance for disrespecting each other's faith!

May you have a blessed and wonderful sabbath - be it Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


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