Monday, September 20, 2010

The Jinn - Alien connection

Do you believe in the existence of Jinn? Many people claim to be good Muslims, but they do not believe in the existence of our cousins. The earth is on the brink of collapse. Destruction and evil are in human hearts. The Holiest of Books, the Qur'an, plainly tells us that humans and Jinn are to form an assembly. The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, brought the Book not just to humans but also to the Jinn.

We must endeavor to understand that it is possible to have contact with Jinn. We can work with them just as we work with other humans - to accomplish good on this earth.

John E. Mack, the late Harvard Professor of Psychology, did a brilliant study of Alien-Human encounters, entitled "Abductions." Everyone should read this book and then seriously study the UFO phenomena. If you open your heart you will come to discover that what are called Aliens are in reality Jinn.

Mack explains that Aliens are attempting to help raise the consciousness level of humanity to prevent global destruction. Of course, all of this is by the Will of Allah.


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