Thursday, March 05, 2009

USA wants Russia to Help in Afghanistan!

In a bizarre twist, the USA is now seeking Russian aid in the war in Afghanistan (apparently since Britain, France and Germany all are backing away from the insanity). What could be more Orwellian than Russian and American troops fighting side by side against Afghanis (insurgents, mujahideen, Taliban, village boys and old men)?

Before we forget, let's recall the horrors of the Soviet War:

1 million Afghans dead
5 million displaced as refugees
2 million displaced within the country
1.2 million disabled
Mass environmental damage
Mass carpet bombing of cities such as Kandahar
10-15 million landmines left as a "gift" for Afghanis
High child mortality (30%)
67% of surving children malnurished

So, now Obama/Clinton are seeking Russian participation. Certainly, this isn't to woo the hearts and minds of Afghanis. Many of the young men the proposed coalition army will engage were no doubt young children during the Soviet occupation (or at least born in the horrific aftermath).

The Rose Crescent House of Peace asks that countries engage the peoples of Afghanistan in such a way that suffering to humans, animals and the environment is minimized and general happiness for the Afghan people is maximized.

It should be understood that the Taliban, however repugnant, is not al-Qaeda. This is the mistake that the Bush administration made and that the Obama administration is beginning to make.

Afghanistan is not the major security threat facing the West or America. The real threats are: global inequality, poverty, environmental damage and collapse, water shortages, global food prices, species extinction, human traffiking, organized crime, proliferation of small arms, oppression of women, corporate greed, etc.

Is terrorism a danger? Of course it is - as is piracy. But it pales in comparison to the real issues facing the world. The War against Afghanistan is a distraction from what the real issues are.

We pray that the world's leaders realize this.

So mote it be!

If you are a member of the Rose Crescent, here is the latest recommendation of what you can do:

1. Enter the celestial temple
2. Hold an image of a world leader in your mind
3. Place that person in Afghanistan
4. Send him/her thoughts of peace
5. Send her/him an image of the scale of balance



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