Thursday, February 26, 2009

USA Drone Attacks Inside Pakistan

The Rose Crescent's international House of Peace has completed its draft position paper on the American attacks inside Pakistan. The paper is currently availbe to all khaniqah members, and should not be distributed to the public at large until it has been approved at the district levels.

For those new to the Rose Crescent, the process is as follows:

1. The House of Peace receives testimony from eye witnesses, scholars, and others.
2. The members of the HP deliberate on the testimony.
3. A draft position paper is developed.
4. The paper is distributed to the international assembly of khanaqahs.
5. Comments are solicited.
6. The districts vote on it.
7. If it is approved at the district level, a motion is sent to the House of Peace.
8. It is further reviewed by the ulama present at the House of Peace.
9. A recommendation is made to issue one of the following: (a) a formal position; or (b) a fatwa is issued.

In short, though, the House of Peace has privately called on the U.S. to halt all attacks. Civilian life must be safeguarded.

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