Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meditation with Qur'an Surah 2:74

Take a deep breath. close your eyes. repeat Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim with each breath. Count from 13 to 1.


See yourself in the divine realms.
See the throne before you.
Feel how light you are.
Move freely about in the celestial atmosphere.
Enjoy the Throne of God.
See angels ascending and descending.
Experience the light that is everywhere.
See the Light that is in your breast.
Feel the warmth and glow.
Your are light.

Descend downwards towards the world of matter.
Feel the density around you.
Feel yourself become heavier.
Feel how you can barely move.
Feel how slow you are.
You are becoming denser.
You can barely breath.
You just lie there, immobile.
Heavy - inert matter.

A bolt of light strikes you.

You crack open.

Within you is holy water. You didn't even realize that it was there.
It rushes forth.
Feel love and compassion streaming towards All.

Again - be aware that You are as dense as a rock.
Holy water bubbles up.
Feel the joy.
Become aware of All being around you.
All is sentient. All is alive.
Joy overwhelms you.

Again - be aware that You are in the realm of matter.
You feel heavy.
You are inert.
There is an ocean before you.
You sink into it.
Downward you sink.
All is quiet.
You are in the Depths.
You are still.
You sense something.
You feel fear before the enormity of the Depth.
You are very still.
Before you...
You are struck by
The Beauty and the Terror if Existence.

Count upwards from 1 to 13
Open your eyes.
Say: Bimallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim - In the name of All Compassion All Mercy
Say: There is no existence but Spirit

Now read the verse (scroll down to previous blog entry)

So Mote it Be!



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