Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aisha and the Karkadann

From the Secret Sayings:

1. “And it came to pass in those days that the mighty Karkadann roamed through the hills and deserts of Arabia.”

The Karkadann is a magickal beast with the body and horn of a rhinoceros and the tail and mouth of a lion. It is known to live several thousand years. The Karkadann has a variety of magickal powers, including an ability to fly, to swiftly leap leagues within the blink of an eye, to appear or disappear at will and to savagely defeat any foe – physical or astral.

With its crescent shaped horn it is able to destroy evil wizards and pernicious monsters of the infernal regions.

Yet the Karkadann is no natural friend to man. Enraged to anger by human inclination towards the destruction of the environment and abuse of animals, the Karkadann seeks vengeance by destroying crops, villages and wayward wanders.

2. “So it came to pass that one day an enraged Karkadann, angered by the people’s insolence and reckless killing of wild camel herds, ferociously wandered the land, trampling wanderers and destroying villages.”

3. “And the people cried out in fear. Bedouin turned to their old sorcerers for spells that might ward off the Karkadann. The followers of Moses called upon those who had been trained in the secret arts for help. The followers of Jesus prayed for his protection. And the ummah circled about Muhammad, fearing to leave the vicinity of the House, lest the Karkadann catch them."

4. "And Abu Bakr placed strong armed guards around the village, ordering the women not go out – not even to tend the crops. Nor were the boys allowed to tend the herds."

5. "And the People of the Book, along with those who worshipped the Old Ones, fell into a deep despair."

6. "And during the night the angry wild bellows of the Karkadann could be heard."

7. "And the People gathered in their houses of worship, fearful, calling upon the Almighty for aid. But no one could turn the Karkadann away."

8. "One morning, as the sun had risen, and with the morning prayers completed, the young Aisha, on her 10th birthday, took her flute in hand and stole out of the village, wandering away from the Prophet and her father, who were locked in disputation."

9. "And she passed by the guards unseen."

10. "Running into the hills, she sat upon a cliff. And lo, an old man, a wizened man, with long beard and flowing gowns, holding a staff in his hand, appeared behind her."

“Fear not,” he said.

“Who are you?”

“I am Al Khidr. Come girl. Over that hill is a pool of water. Go to it and drink deeply,” he ordered, and then vanished.

11. "Having heard tales of jinn and angels, Aisha was thrilled by her vision and quickly climbed to the top of the hill, making her way through the large boulders until she saw the pool of water below."

12. "Having climbed down, Aisha drank from the cool waters of the pool. Wild rabbits soon joined her, allowing her to pet their smooth coats. A young camel and its mother wandered close to the pool. Aisha tip toed to the baby and gently stroked its head."

13. "And then she heard the terrifying call. It cracked the heavens in half. Birds leapt in fright from their perches. Rabbits scuttled away. A serpent slithered past her. The young camel and its mother rushed off. The sky darkened."

14. "At the top of the hill the Karkadann appeared, bellowing, smoke rising from its nostrils, its hooves pounding the ground, its fierce teeth snapping at the air."

15. "The Prophet was the first to sense the Karkadann’s appearance. Suddenly a cry went up in the village. No one had seen Aisha. Panic swept the people. The Prophet looked deeply within and saw where Aisha had gone, and saw the Karkadann charging down the path towards her, its crescent shaped horn menacing."

16. "Abu Bakr looked deeply into the Prophet’s eyes and saw the vision of danger. Grabbing their swords, they ran out of the house, but knew that there was no time to save her."

17. "Suddenly Aisha heard the old one’s whisper in the wind, telling her to take her flute and play."

18. "And Aisha began to play as the Karkadann charged towards her."

19. "Hearing the music, the magickal beast stopped in front of her. And Aisha had no fear."

20. "And the young girl began to dance before him, enchanting him. And the beast lay down before her."

21. "And after some time the young girl mounted the beast, and the Karkadann lept into the air and flew off to distant realms, where those of fire, air, water and earth do reside."

22. "And when the Prophet, Abu Bakr and the other companions, armed and ready for battle arrived at the pool there was neither a sign of Aisha nor of the Karkadann."

23. "That evening Aisha returned to the house of the Prophet. She was aglow with new powers. She told him what had happened, and that the Karkadann had been befriended."

24. "And the Prophet marveled at the young Aisha, and her new powers."

25. "Later, when the Prophet and the men went off to battle, leaving the women and elderly alone in the camps, Aisha had only to pick up her flute and play and the Karkadann would appear, ready to defend her against all raiders and enemies."

26. "And thereafter many a night Aisha, for the rest of her life, when the moon is full, Aisha would walk to the pool, play her flute, and then mount the Karkadann, riding off into distant nether lands, where she would commune with angels, jinn and spirits."

Today Aisha can be seen with spiritual eyes, dancing before the throne, riding the Karkadann and playing the flute. Those of innocent heart who would invoke her and the Karkadann for protection may do so by focusing on them and calling them into their circle.

1. Begin by lighting a candle on your alter
2. Say "Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim" in the seven directions: North, East, South, West, Bakka, World Above, World Below
3. Perform your ablutions
4. Close (cover) your eyes, breath slowly and count backwards
5. Imagine a dark screen before you
6. See a pool of water in a valley - projected onto the screen
7. Enter the screen and stand next to the pool
8. See Aisha riding the Karkadann
9. See Them ride up before you
10. Greet Aisha and the Karkadann
11. Ask them for assistance, guidance and protection
12. Listen, observe and feel their message to you
13. Thank them for their help
14. Count up to 10
15. Open you eyes
16. Perform a prayer of thanksgiving - turning to the seven directions
17. Snuff out the candle
18. In the following hours feel Aisha and Karkadann's presence about you


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