Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quran Surah 3:96 (Bakka - First House of Worship)

Surah 3:96 states:

“The first House appointed for humans was at Bakka. It is a place full of blessings and guidance for all beings.”

What is Bakka?

Bakka is a place where all beings (angels, jinn, humans, animal spirits and spirits of every sort) from time immemorial have gathered. It is a place of grand mosques, gardens, fountains, cathedrals, temples and synagogues. Each great incarnation of the Rasul-Logos has later built a house of worship there. All of the Manifestations of the Spirit of Wisdom have houses and gardens there.

Where is Bakka located?

Bakka is located at both the center of the universe and at what is today called Mecca. In reality, Bakka is located on each of the various levels of the universe. To understand this one should contemplate on the significance of the Pythagorean tetractys. Each dot represents an emanation from the Source (the One – hence Allah). The first dot at the top represents the Source. The next row has two dots (The Throne and Bakka), which face each other. As one moves away from the Source one eventually arrives at this earthly plane (where we find Mecca).

How can one travel to Bakka?

Yesterday we explained that to make the Hajj one must do it out of body. To enter Bakka one should follow the same directions, calling upon ones Shaykh and Rabia (‘alayhi ‘s-salam) for assistance. You must realize, though, that which Bakka you go to will depend entirely on your own spiritual station. The techniques of astral travel can be learned by anyone. However, a righteous person will ascend upwards towards a heavenly Bakka. An evil person will descend towards a hellish Bakka. Since the universe is infinite, the levels of Bakka are also infinite.

What can I do in Bakka?

One can spend an eternity in Bakka conversing with all of the Saints and Prophets. The founders of all of the world’s religions are often there. You may also meet spirits and angels.

Is there any danger to this type of out of body travel?

As long as you are with your Shaykh (and/or a Saint such as Rabia) your journey is safe. Once in Bakka the only danger is that there is so much to do and learn you may not want to return. Thus, we suggest you use a drumming tape with a built in call back to ensure that you do not stay there.

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