Friday, December 29, 2006

Rabia, Sufism and the Hajj

How does Sufism view the yearly pilgrimage (the Hajj) to Mecca?

According to the Rose Crescent Sufi tradition, Sufis follow the guidance of Rabia Al-Adiwiyya (pbuh). Before proceeding, though, let us highlight her authority.

It is reliably reported that Allah spoke to her and revealed that:

"On the Day of Resurrection your rank will be above even the closest companions of Allah."

According to the Rose Crescent tradition, Rabia ('alayi 's-salam) was a manifestation of the Spirit of Wisdom (like Kuan Yin, Mary and Fatima before her).

With regards to the Hajj:

Rabia never physically made it to Mecca. Instead, the House of the Spirit, the Kaaba, traveled to her. Chastising Ibn Adhan, who following a 14 year journey to Mecca found the Kaaba had magically been transported to meet Rabia, said: "You were crazy enough to take 14 years to get to the Kaaba with your ritual prayer, wile I, with my inner prayer, am already here."

Although most Muslims (and many Sufis) desire to physically travel to Mecca, Rose Crescent Sufis follow her admonition and mystically and shamanically journey to the Kaaba.

Rabia taught us the following ritual:

1. Say: "Bismallah ar-rahman ar-rahim"
2. Perform ablutions
3. Enter into a deep state of meditation (bring your body just to the edge of sleep but do not fall asleep)
4. Move your soul out of your body*
5. Travel to your personal shaykh (spirit teacher)
6. Perform prayers at the upper world mosque that your Shaykh is associated with
7. Call upon Rabia Al-Adiwiyya (pbuh) to join you and your Shaykh
8. Take the hands of both your Shaykh and Rabia and let them bring you to Bakka
9. Once in you are in Bakka perform the rituals as directed by your Shaykh and Rabia Al-Adiwiyya
10. Return to your body

*Out of body travel can be easily mastered. There are many techniques available to learn this. Simply learn to see with your eyes closed. In spirit, walk around geographic locations that are familiar to you. Then choose a place that is unfamiliar. Feel your soul lifting out of your body.


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