Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quran Surah 2:20 (To banish Satan and Tyrants)

Surah 2:20 is historically used by Sufi masters to bind both Satan and Tyrants of all types. It is a powerful verse and should only be invoked by one pure of heart and skilled in the Sufi-Islamic magickal-martial arts. Aya 20 completes the entire passage dealing with mischiefmakers (human, jinn and demonic).

Begin by lighting a candle on your alter.
Perform your ablutions.
Clear your mind.

Say: Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Imagine the Throne of Allah.
In your mind, go before it (shamanically journey to it).
Prostrate before the Throne.
Ask that Al Kadir stand beside you.
See the mighty Archangels as they surround the Throne.
See the wings of Gabriel stretching.

Say: “Allah, may you protect me. I call upon the Light to surround me and keep me safe as I call upon YOUR POWER to vanquish the enemy. May only good result. May this be done in the service of the Kingdom of Light. May the enemy repent and be brought back to the Kingdom.”

When you are ready, take your sword in hand and banish the enemy by repeating Surah 2 verse 20 as follows and then strike at the image of the enemy:

We call upon the Power of the Lightning to snatch away your sight
And when the Light appears, may you turn and walk therein
[But if you fail to turn]
Then we call upon the Powers of the darkness to grow around you
Stand still!

For if Allah wills, Allah could take away your faculty of hearing and seeing [forever]
For Allah has power over all things!

So mote it be!

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