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Quran Surah 2:19 (As used by Al-Khidr)

The Prophet Al-Khidr (pbuh) instructed his Sufi disciples (particularly those members associated in what we today call the Rose Crescent) on how to use Surah 2:19 to defeat mischiefmakers and other enemies. Now, before we reveal this, let us warn that this is extremely dangerous for anyone to try who is not proficient in the Islamic martial-magical arts (or the "Lesser Jihad" as it was taught by the Prophet - bhup - to be practiced). Unless it is performed properly, and most importantly, with the right intention (namely, to further the path of peace), the thought form that is released into the ether could boomerang back onto the invoker.

The following ceremony and invocation may be used to defeat the actions of the mischiefmaker, destroying them in the ethereal realm before they manifest on earth.

Step One - Preparation

First, begin by lighting a candle on your alter.
Second, carefully perform ablutions
Third, hold an image of the person(s) in your mind
- know that they were once an innocent child
- know that Allah longs for them to return to the light
- know that it is not the individual, but the act, that must be stopped
- know that you too commit trespasses against the Kingdom of Light

Step Two - Reflection

Consider if there isn’t some other non-violent means to dissuade the individual from committing his/her actions.

Reflect on the bigger picture. Could it be that the Spirit is using this person’s actions, however evil it may seem, for some greater good? Consider the consequences your invocation will have on the earthly plane.

Step Three – The Invocation

(1) As you kneel in front of the alter, gazing upon the candle, imagine a strong white light encircling you.
(2) Call upon Al-Khdir to join you in spirit as you bind and dissolve the evil actions
(3) Stand and take up your sword
(4) Draw a circle around yourself with your sword
(5) Call upon the archangels Gabriel and Michael to aid you as you approach the Throne
(6) Imagine the Throne of Allah
(7) Allow the Light to fill you
(8) Call upon Allah
(9) Hold an image of the individual(s) and the evil actions in your mind (seeing them from the perspective of the heavens – a “bird’s eyes view”)
(10) Recite Surah 2:19 in its invocative form as taught by Al-Khidr

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

“I draw upon the Spirit of the rain-laden cloud
I draw upon the power of the darkness within
Thunder and lightning issues from it towards you
Pressing your fingers in your ears
NOW you feel the stunning thunder clap
NOW you feel the terror of death!

Bismallah - your power is broken!
Bismallah - your evil is undone!

Know – God is ever encompassing, ever forgiving, ever merciful

So mote it be if, and only if, it serve the purposes of the Light!

Then, take your “magical” sword in hand and strike at the mental image of shafts of darkness that issue from the individual(s).

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