Sunday, September 03, 2006

Al-Khidr: The Spider

From the Secret Sayings (Book III. 5. v.

(1) And Al-Khidr gained the power of remote viewing. Without ever leaving his cave he could envision any place or person on the earth, beholding its past, its present and its future.

(2) And as he sat in his cave, deep in contemplation, a large black spider crept slowly towards him. And it drew closer and closer until it crawled onto his arm and made its way to his throat, where it stung him terribly.

(3) And the spider venom entered Al-Khidr’s veins and raced through his body.

(4) And he fell into a deep numbness spreading through his body.

(5) And fever, convulsions and paralysis quickly overtook him. And Al-Khidr, believing he would die, said Shahada and prepared to depart this earth.

(6) And then suddenly he found himself standing in the back of the cave, watching his petrified body, and the black spider that sat atop him.

(7) And slowly he began to grow legs. And his body transformed. And he found himself climbing up the wall and onto the ceiling. And he made his way to the mouth of the cave.

(8) And Al-Khidr learned the secrets of the spider. He learned its insights, ways, secrets and powers. He learned how to spin webs, how to catch good energy or how to trap evil. He learned how to draw illnesses out of others. And he learned the song of the spider, the worship offered to the Great Spirit (Allah).

(9) Then he crawled back towards his now lifeless body and stung himself again.

(10) When he awoke he saw the world anew, having gained a powerful new ally and learned the secret of spider medicine.

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