Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Future World Religion

What will the future world religion look like?

Many people have asked us what the next world's religion will look like? How will it be structured? Who will be its founder(s)?

The Rose Crescent puts forward that the world's future religion is currently evolving from universal Islam under the spiritual direction of Fatima Um Abi Ha, beloved daughter of the Prophet and now ascended Queen of Heaven.

First, the future religion will value the sacred books and prophets of all religions.

Second, it will seek harmony, healing, love and peace over power and dogma.

Third, although ALL past books will be read and honored, the Spirit will continue to unfold in the community. Once every 10 years people of all faith traditions will open to the Spirit, who will descend upon the community. The event will culminate during the month of Ramadan.

Beginning at the local spiritual assemblies, mosques, temples, synagogues, churches, etc. people will receive revelations, recite poetry, write essays, fiction, dramas, perform new musical pieces, have visions, paint, etc. These works will be collected and published (both print and electronically). They will comprise the New Book for the Age. For the next nine years people will study this collected community revelation, and gain personal proficiency in one or more arts as part of the preparation for the descent of the Spirit. Again, in the 10th year the cycle will begin anew with the opening to the Spirit and the descent of the Holy Spirit into the community.

During the month of Ramadan every 10 years the world community will come together for a month long celebration where the New Book will be revealed.

In addition, a giant library will be constructed every 10 years (in a different country) to house these works from around the world.

Is the new religion already beginning to unfold?

Yes. We have seen manifestations of it. However, it is still in its inception. Two manifestations include:

Universal Awakening

Tikkun Community

So mote it be!


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