Saturday, July 15, 2006

Middle East War: Israel, Lebanon and Gaza

At this moment the crises in the Middle East is intensifying as Israeli tanks and troops occupy Gaza, Israeli planes bomb Lebanon and Hezbollah forces rocket attack Israel. Innocent civilians are dying and being wounded.

The Rose Crescent House of Peace calls on all sides to cease hostilities. We propose the following plan:

1. 48 hour immediate cease fire.
2. The release of all hostages ceased by either Hezbollah or Palestinian militia groups within 12 hours.
3. The withdrawal of Israel from Gaza and Lebanon within 72 hours.
4. The handover of Palestinian and Hezbollah prisoners to a United Nations court (within fourteen days) where they will be tried and: (a) if guilty sentenced; or (b) if innocent released.
5. A formation of a mediation assembly, including Israelis, Palestinians and Lebanese (including Hezbollah) - with representation of women - to listen to the concerns of the others and express their needs and grievances .
6. The establishment of economic ties to foster stronger links, grow the economies of the region and promote peace.

So mote it be!


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