Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Qur'an Surah 33:72 - Sufis, the Earth and the Trust

“We did indeed offer The Trust to the Heavens, the Earth and the Mountains. But they refused to undertake it, being afraid of the responsibility thereof. But humans undertook it. They were indeed unjust and foolish.”

How is it that the Qur’an claims that the heavens, earth and mountains can make choices? What is the Trust?

The modern Ahrimanic world view puts forward that all “things” around us (e.g. plants, rivers, land, mountains, rocks, caves) are essentially soulless. They neither think nor feel. They can be exploited by man for whatever purpose man dictates. This paradigm, introduced to the world by the demon Ahriman, would even state that animals have neither cognition nor feelings, and can thus be hunted, tortured and experimented on. There are those, under the influence of Ahriman, who would even take this view to the next logical step, namely: humans are nothing more than biological machines, complex computers, without souls.

Another paradigm puts forward that the Earth is alive. It is our “mother.” All of its “children,” (e.g. animals, plants, insects, rivers, mountains, etc.) both have a soul and are animated by spirit. In fact, like humans, each plant, tree, river, mountain, cave, etc. has a higher spirit that is aware and has cognition. The spirits behind and within everything are seen as agents in the spirit realm and are capable of healing, helping, etc.

What does the Glorious Quran reveal to us?

Surah 33:72 reveals that all “things” of the world are alive, aware, capable of reason, of making choices, have power and have direct contact with Allah.

Depending on the station, the Sufi (very much like the Native American Shaman), is one who exercises the Trust positively. What is the Trust? According to the Rose Crescent tradition, The Trust is the Spiritual Power to purposefully affect change on the physical and spiritual planes for the purpose of achieving balance, harmony and beauty. The Sufi carries out the Trust by:

* Knowing that all things are alive and have spirit;
* Communicating with the spirits of all things (e.g. mountains, rivers, animals, plants, etc.);
* Working with the spirits of all things to affect change (e.g. healing) on the physical plane;
* Participating in a spiritual assembly with all spirits (e.g. mountains, rivers, animals, plants, etc.);
* Praying for the well being of all spirits; and
* Asking the spirits to intercede on her/his or others behalf with Allah.

Surah 33:72 also implies a warning: The Trust is dangerous. The unjust and the foolish easily fall prey to demonic enemy forces and use the Trust for one’s own egotistical and destructive ends (hence “black sorcery”), as Ahriman would have us do by destroying the earth and enslaving humanity.

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