Monday, June 12, 2006

Sufis, Ahriman and Technology

“Ahriman” is the name given to a negative demonic spiritual impulse that seeks to rigidify the world.

Ahriman attempts to turn humans into machines; Ahriman wants to convince us that the earth is just an object for our exploitation. Ahriman would have us believe that animals lack souls, that there is no spiritual essence behind things, and that all inanimate objects are lifeless.

The Rose Crescent Sufi’s goal is to raise matter to spirit and to bring spirit into matter. Working against this goal, Ahriman attempts to weaken spirit, hoping to remove it from the world of matter.

Technology is one of the areas where we need to be aware of Ahriman’s work. Ahriman would harness technology to enslave both humanity and the earth.

According to the Rose Crescent, technology must always be in the service of humanity and the earth. Ahriman would have humans and the earth become servants to technology.


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