Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sufism and Demons

We live in a universe in which we are literally surrounded by demonic beings (also know as “dark force entities” and “evil inorganic beings”).

Demons, having withdrawn from the Light, must seek their source of energy elsewhere. As they travel through the kosmos they spy upon other beings (e.g. humans, jinn, animals, etc.). Demons are attracted to what we will call “negative energy.”

Since humans actually appear in the astral world as energy eggs, which beam a certain degree of light, demons approach the “cosmic egg” and attempt to latch onto it, drawing energy for themselves and away from the human. The individual human often feels drained by having to create energy for him/herself while feeding the demonic leech.

Thus, humans often create ever more situations of sensation for him/herself. This puts extra adrenaline into the physical body and more "negative energy" into the astral body, feeding the ever growing numbers of demonic leeches. In fact, the more a human is in a state of agitation (e.g. rage, anger, hate, etc.) the more negative energy s/he is producing. This, in turn, serves as a feeding source to demons, attracting ever greater numbers. One should imagine how sharks are drawn to prey.

Demons will also attempt to inspire humans towards negativity by sending thoughts and feelings, producing greater amounts of negative energy.

The relationship between humans and demons is complex and symbiotic. Humans unconsciously believe that they gain much from having a demon attached to oneself. Although demons drain humans of energy, they also create a false excitement by directing sensational human affairs, emotions, etc. These emotions, though ultimately self-destructive, are powerful and addictive. Moreover, demons, through a trick of mirroring, convince humans that the “light” they see is genuine. Thus, many demon infected individuals falsely believe they are on the path of God.

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