Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Path of Destruction

Question: How do I know if I am on the path of destruction?

Watchman Habibu’llah: According to the Rose Crescent tradition we need to take a hard look within ourselves at the three possible forms of metamorphosis: the false self/god; the fiend; and the evil sorcerer as examples.

Do you have conversations with yourself, with one side telling you that you should do something wise and the other side, usually over-ruling the good inner voice, making a decision that you know is bad for you? If so, then you have experienced the inner jihad between the false self and the voice of the higher self.

The False Self (god):

Do you ever get entranced by your own image in a mirror? Have you ever been mesmerized by your reflection? Do you resent when others offer you constructive criticism? Do you have a need to tell everyone about yourself and your accomplishments? Do you think everyone should be interested in your story? In a conversation, do you only pretend interest in the affairs of others, pretending to wait patiently until it is your time to speak? Do most conversations revolve around you and your little dramas? If so, then the false self is quite strong in you.

The Fiend:

Do you get angry when people oppose you? Are you incapable of celebrating the accomplishments of others? Are you supposed to be the only winner in life? Are you jealous of the good fortune of others? Does a feeling of joy creep in your heart when others fail or experience suffering? Do you participate in fights? Do you verbally abuse others? Do you get excited by war? Do you enjoy violent entertainment? If so, then the fiend is strong in you.

The Evil Sorcerer:

Do you slander others? Do you participate in malicious gossip? Are people around you failing? Do people around you get ill? Do they have accidents? If so, then the evil sorcerer is strong in you?

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