Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sufis and Assassins

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and then s/he suddenly threw a jab at you, causing a second of hurt. Perhaps you’ve been in a setting where someone, in a rather teasing fashion, cut you. Perhaps you know someone who constantly undermines you, and you feel your self-confidence eroding in his/her presence. Or, perhaps you know someone who just can’t wait to slander others, and spread malicious gossip.

Have you ever felt a shaft of pain in your body, often the neck, shoulder or back, that seemed to come out of no where? Have you ever passed by someone and felt a tinge of pain in your body?

We are surrounded by people who are assassins. How does an assassin develop?

It usually happens in childhood. The young child, still strongly connected to the higher self, but slowly moving away from a state of total surrender towards the development of the false self, incurs a psychic wound (either from an adult or from other children). When an enemy begins poking repeatedly into that same psychic wound, the child’s sense of serenity and connection to the light is endangered. Suddenly, the child inflicts pain on another, and realizes that the act of cruelty temporarily relieves its own suffering. The child displaces its wound, finding temporary relief. However, it is only temporary, and the child continues hurting others, habituating the pattern.

As an adult the individual often is taken under tutelage from a dark force (a demon) which encourages the person to develop all of its skills as an assassin. The assassin becomes adept at wounding, slashing, hurling poisoned darts and using the evil eye. Assassins especially enjoy wounding children. This is because the demonic influence over them hopes to create other assassins.

The assassin persona is parallel to the tyrant. Left unchecked by the Light, or by angelic intervention, most assassins eventually devolve into evil sorcerers.

In contrast to the assassin, the Sufi empowers others. The Sufi uses the magical incantation Asalam Alaikum to actually beam peace at others. Through prayer and meditation, Sufis work with geographic spaces (e.g. rooms, halls, parks, streets, neighborhoods, cities, countries and the entire planet) to promote peace.

Sufism, as taught by Al-Khidr The Green Man of Islam, is a powerful means of working to counteract the darkness to prepare the earth for the Kingdom of Light. This, fellow friends and warriors, is our jihad.

To learn more about the strategies of darkness as taught by the Rose Crescent, visit our site on the enemies.


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