Monday, May 29, 2006

Automatons, Demons and Jihad

Have you ever wondered how seeming normal people could do such horrendous acts?

Most humans go through most of their day on automatic pilot, living in a perpetual state of day dream. And most authentic spiritual practices tell us that we need, in contrast, to practice wakefulness.

We must realize that at every moment we are being watched by demonic forces, which constantly send a barrage of messages at us.

By walking around in a dream like state, as automatons, we allow demonic influences to penetrate our brains and seep their way into our souls.

Thus, one of the great techniques of jihad, as taught by the Rose Crescent tradition, is to remain awake, shake our heads from our slumber, and pay attention to any and all thoughts or voices that stream through our brains, recognizing from what source they arose.

To learn more about the strategies of darkness, visit our site on the enemies.


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