Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Meditation on Death

One of the most powerful meditations to weaken the illusion of the false self/god is the meditation on one’s own death. For centuries Rose Crescent Sufis have used this meditation.

Begin by counting from 20 to 1. With each breath say Allah Akbar.

When you have reached the number 1 you should be in a deep state of relaxation. Visualize yourself lying in a hospital, strapped with cords, instruments beeping, nurses and doctors talking about you as if you are just an object, a package, a product to be handled.

Feel your last breath. Say the Shahada as you expire.

Look around. Everything you have worked for has been ripped from you. Your precious body is now treated like a thing. They wrap you in a white cloth and throw you in a ditch. Feel how the dirt is thrown over your body.

Sure, a few people cry over your death. Sure, they read Quran for you. But watch closely. See how they greedily take what you worked hard for. Where is your bank account now? Who has your money? Who is now in possession of your house now?

Look how they use your money to advance themselves. Do you really think they would give everything up to have you back? Would they part with their inheritance if you returned?

Now feel how the maggots are growing and gnawing on your flesh. Your beloved body is decaying. It is putrefying.

Soon you are a picture on the wall. Soon you are a distant memory. Soon they only think of you, and pray for you, on your death day. Where are the tears for you now?

See how even your spouse has married someone else. Generations pass. Your great grandchildren don’t even know that you ever existed. Now you are nothing. Hey – quit crying for yourself and all that you have lost.

You are in darkness. All is black.

Turn around. There is a beautiful light behind you. Feel the love coming from the Source. Go towards it.


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