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The Spirit of Wisdom in Islam and Sufism

What is the Spirit of Wisdom and how is the Spirit of Wisdom revealed in Islam and Sufism?

According to the Rose Crescent tradition, the Spirit of Wisdom is a created being of the first Aeon. “She” is the partner of the Logos-Rasul.

What is the difference between the Logos-Rasul and the Spirit of Wisdom?

The difference is in their cosmic function. The Logos-Rasul has the task to warn beings. The Logos-Rasul usually brings a revelation with “him.” “He” is usually interested in the establishment of civilization (based on a reflection of divine law), the promotion of justice and the providing of a text (book) which reflects the Mother Book. Moreover, the Messenger (aka: Warner) often battles with one or more enemies. The Spirit of Wisdom, on the other hand, is a Comforter of all beings, aiding them in their afflictions and providing wisdom and guidance. In addition, "Her" role is often to temper the harsher - justice oriented - revelation of the Messenger (Logos-Rasul). However, there have been Messengers that did not come with a book, and Comforters who did.

What other revelations speak of the two Divine Spirit beings?

The Greeks called them Logos and Sophia. The Indian/Tibetan cultures call them Buddha and the Bodhisattva (Kuan Yin being the most famous). The ancient Egyptians spoke of Osiris and Isis. The Jewish Holy Scriptures speaks of the Messiah and Wisdom (See: Proverbs 8)

What is the relation between the individual human and the Spirit of Wisdom or the Logos-Rasul?

The two Divine Spirits usually possess the individual. Thus we find that Christian imagery of the “dove” (the Logos-Rasul) descending upon Jesus at his baptism [give scripture]. Once the human body dies that individual ascends into the spirit realm and continues his/her ministry as a manifestation of one of the Divine Spirits.

Are all manifestations of the Logos-Rasul men and all manifestations of the Spirit of Wisdom women?

No. There have been male and female Messengers (Logos-Rasul) and male and female comforters (Spirit of Wisdom). However, in point of fact most Messengers have been males and most comforters have been females. This has to do with the openness of the individual human (their predilection) than any ontological necessity. Islam clearly, and rightly, teaches that at the soul level there is no difference between human males and females.

Who were the first manifestations?

Adam was the first Messenger. Eve was the first comforter.

What about Jesus?

Jesus was truly unique. He was a Manifestation of the Logos-Rasul, but (as revealed in the Glorious Qur'an) he was strengthened by the Spirit of Wisdom.

Are there any manifestations today?

Muhammad was the last Messenger, ending the incarnation of the Logos-Rasul. However, the Spirit of Wisdom continues to possess humans on earth.

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