Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sufism and Discontentment

One of the most universal strategies of darkness is to amplify our discontentment. Unless we become familiar with the myriad strategies of darkness, spiritual progress is treacherous. At every moment we are being studied by demons to assess our weaknesses. Thus, it is imperative that each of us know our own weaknesses and attempt to overcome them.

The Buddha, a manifestation of the Logos-Rasul, was correct when he revealed that desire leads to suffering.

How are we captured in the world of desire?

First, demons attempt to amplify our discontentment with life, manipulating our moods, and sending us thoughts and voices to encourage our discontentment.

Second, our own habituated thinking of the world in binary opposites – likes and dislikes – creates the soil from which discontentment arises.

Third, discontentment takes firm root when we view everyone around us as needing to change. We mistakenly believe that we will be happy only if those we know, or the situation we are in, or the place where we live, would be otherwise.
How do we free ourselves?

According to the Rose Crescent tradition:

First, we must focus on the Source (Allah), the Kingdom of Light, and immerse ourselves in all of the revelations (written and natural).

Second, we must view reality from our Higher Self, seeing the unity of existence.

Third, we must recognize that the only thing that needs to change is our own inner world. We are not responsible for anyone else. Underneath the seeming madness of existence there is a pattern of Divine Law at work (Allah), which will eventually culminate in the realization of the Kingdom of Light and Love on Earth. This New World is our hope and dream. We can enter it now. By doing so we become content in the Light, awaiting the day when the earth is restored to a paradise. When we are truly subjects of the Kingdom, then and only then (like Al-Khidr) we will know when to intervene as agents of Light and Love.

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