Sunday, May 14, 2006

Islamic Gnosticism: The Logos (Rasul) and Matter

The Rose Crescent tradition maintains that the Logos (Rasul in Arabic), a created being of the first Aeon, incarnated a total of 124,000 times on earth in human guise (both male and female). The first incarnation was in Adam and the last descent of the Logos-Rasul was in Muhammad (pbuh).

With the advent of the Logos-Rasul into Muhammad the Logos-Rasul descended deep into the realm of matter. Unlike the Christ, who ascended into the heavens, Muhammad (pbuh) the soul of Muhammad remained on earth, awaiting the final trumpet blast.

Question: Why did the Logos need to descend into matter?

Both Spirit (Ruh) and Soul (Nafs) had become ensnared in matter. The Logos-Rasul’s descent was as a light bearer.

Question: Why aren’t there any prophets after Muhammad (pbuh)?

We believe that the all of the Manifestations of the Logos-Rasul have occurred. Our goal now is twofold: (a) working with all of the revelations of the past, we must continually polish the mirrors of our soul, reflecting ever more light; and (b) we must raise the world of matter to the realm of Spirit.

Question: So you aren’t trying to escape the realm of matter?

Unlike earlier Gnostic teaching, the Rose Crescent understands that matter, created by Allah, is not evil, nor is to be escaped. Instead, the divine plan is to enlighten the world of matter.

Question: Are all humans, then, bearers of light?

Let’s say that all beings are potential bearers of light, depending on how polished the individual’s mirror is. There are, of course, many beings (both organic and inorganic) that are what can only be described as demonic – who actively oppose the light. There is a cosmic drama unfolding. Will the earth ascend or will it descend even further?

There are forces at work, powerful forces, led by Ahriman, the Prince of Darkness and others, that would destroy the earth.


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