Thursday, May 11, 2006

Al-Khidr: Story of His Infancy

Al-Khidr, the “Green Man of Islam,” is called upon and revered around the world by hundreds of thousands, appearing and disappearing without notice. In the following we present the story of his birth, as memorized by Sufi Watchers throughout the ages and made public from the Rose Crescent archives.

From the Secret Sayings (Book II. 2. v. 1-9)

(1) Now it came to pass that with heavy labor the woman bore the four, each with a sacred mark upon his back.

(2) And while the boys lay within their crib an asp crept in amongst them. And all were amazed that the serpent spared their lives.

(3) And as the boys began to walk the three led their brother to the Nile.

(4) And jealousy filled the hearts of the three.

(5) As the waters rose about them a crocodile, terrible and fierce to behold, emerged from the murky waters.

(6) And the crocodile grabbed the young Al-Khidr within its jaws and sped off, swimming deep underwater.

(7) And his mother, believing her son had been eaten, wept bitterly. For again, she believed, the Lord must have cursed her.

(8) So it was that all believed the young Al-Khidr had died. But one day, fisherman spied an island where the terrible crocodile dwelt. Sneaking ashore, with spears and ropes in hand, they hoped to put an end to the beast, lest more children be taken.

(9) But when they approached its place they discovered the child at rest, cradled in the paws of the beast, guarded securely against all that is malevolent.

To discover more about the legendary Sufi Master, Teacher and founder of the Rose Crescent, visit our site on Al-Khidr.


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