Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sufism, the Chakra System and the Stations of the Soul

Question: How does the chakra system relate to the Sufi concept of the Stations of the Soul?

Sufism, according to the Rose Crescent tradition, holds that there are seven chakras (as part of the larger chakra system), located throughout the body, that act as both hermeneutical lenses and as portals into other dimensions. In addition, there are five stations of the soul that we inhabit at any one time. The chakras and stations of the soul are inter-related as follows:

The first station is called the Maqam an-Nafs (Station of the Ego) and relates to the first 3 chakras in the body, which are located from our solar plexus area to the lower tail bone.

The second station is called Maqam al-Qalb (Station of the Heart) and relates to the 4th chakra, located in our heart region.

The third station is called Maqam ar-Ruh (the Station of Pure Spirit) and relates to the 5th chakra, located in our throat region.

The fourth station is called the Maqam as-Sirr (the Station of Divine Secrets and Consciousness) and relates to the 6th chakra, located above the eyes and in the middle of the forehead.

The fifth station is called Maqam al-Qurb (Station of Proximity or Nearness to Allah) and relates to the 7th chakra, which is located at the top of our skulls. And the sixth station is called Maqam al-Wisal (the Station of the "Divine Wedding" - or Union with the One), which is located above our bodies at the top of the celestial "egg" (a field of energy) that encloses all humans.


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