Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What is the Rose Crescent?

The Rose Crescent was founded and commissioned in ancient Egypt by the immortal Teacher Al-Khidr, Peace be Upon Him, during the reign of King Osiris and Queen Isis. Since the third millennium the Teacher has sent male and female "watchers" (or “disciples”) into the world, searching for the Blessed 124,000 Messengers of God while serving humanity and the earth in the cause of peace, justice, beauty, love and harmony. Watchers have served at the courts of Melchizedek, Solomon and Sheba, worked with shamans in the lands of the Toltec and Aztecs, walked and served with Jesus Christ, made the hijra to the Prophet Habibullah Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and swore allegiance to safeguard His daughter Fatima, Queen of Heaven and incarnation of Wisdom.


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