Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quran, Sufism and the Root Chakra

The first chakra, called the “root chakra,” is located at the base of the spine and situated between the legs. It is under the Station of the Ego (Maqam an-Nafs). The root charka connects us with who we are, locating us within a larger family, clan, tribe and nation. Its color is usually seen as being red.

Ethical concepts, social mores, codes and laws all speak to our root chakra. How we view others and our environment depends on the amount of divine light permeating our root chakra. If this chakra is full of divine light we will understand each being’s necessary place in the divine plan.

It is here that the Qur’an gives us the revelation of the divine unity of humanity and the oneness of all of the messages delivered unto the peoples and jinn. If our root chakra is healthy we will practice tolerance. Cultivating friendship, keeping covenants and forgiving others will be important. We will see beyond our blood ties and embrace the Unity of All. In the history of Islam, when the Prophet gathered the first community they did something never before done in Arabia – they disregarded blood ties! Our desire will be for the restitution of the wrongdoer.

However, if this chakra is murky, as it often is, then we will believe our particular tribe, group or nation is right and others are wrong. We will fall into strife, contention and warfare. We will practice exclusion. We will also tend to see the world through binary opposites. We will want to see punishment carried out rather than forgiveness.


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