Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Al-Khidr: Tales of His Conception

Al-Khidr, the Green Man of Islam, Sufi Master, Teacher and founder of the Rose Crescent, was born during the time of King Osiris and Queen Isis. This is the tale of his conception, preserved for millennia by the Watchers, and recently released from our archives to the public.

From the Secret Sayings (Book II: I. v. 1-10)

(1) Now it came to pass, during the time of the crescent moon, that a certain young woman was strolling amidst the fields, enjoying the flowers and breeze when from a distance the Nine Riders of the Underworld appeared, terrifying in their countenance. Swooping down upon her the Nine stole her from her home and carried her across forbidden deserts and down dark passages.

(2) That evening her mother, forlorn at the loss of her daughter, wept loud onto the Lord. Filled with grief she ran through the village, wailing at the plight of her precious daughter.

(3) Then there appeared an old man of wisdom. His countenance shone with the rays of the sun. His beard flowed in the wind. Approaching the woman he declared, “Fear not for the Lord Almighty has heard your cries.”

(4) And the young woman, caught in the dark caverns of the underworld, knew not that the Spirit had come upon her.

(5) Then appeared to her one of the bright and shining ones, holding a sword in his left hand, and mounted upon a fiery steed. Taking her in his arms, and holding her tight before him, he raced upwards towards the light, returning her from whence she had come.

(6) When the young woman saw her mother she wept with joy and ran towards her.

(7) And the old man of wisdom looked long and hard at them before declaring, “Behold, thou art pregnant and shall bare four male children into this world. Three shall be of the shadows, and one shall be of the light. The first shall be named Abd al-Mumit, Servant of the Taker of Life; the second shall be named Abd al-Qahhar, Servant of the Crusher; the third shall be named Adb al-Qabid, Servant of the Constrictor.”

(8) And the two women wept bitterly. “Surely the Lord Almighty has cursed us.”

(9) “Weep not, for the fourth shall be named Al-Khidr. Wise, powerful and blessed shall he prove to be. Like his brothers he shall move within the shadows. Like the eagle he shall watch from the heavens. Under his feet the earth shall blossom. By his hand the poor shall prosper. From his staff the mysteries of Eden shall again be open. From his sword justice shall reign.”

(10) And the three shall be in opposition to the one.

Peace and blessings.

To discover more about the legendary Sufi Master, Teacher and founder of the Rose Crescent, visit our site on Al-Khidr.


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