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Tales of King Osiris and Queen Isis

Al-Khidr, the legendary Green Man of Islam, was a companion of the King Osiris and Queen Isis. In this account, preserved by the Rose Crescent, the truth of King Osiris and Queen Isis’ roles in the Divine Drama are revealed. The story, as part of the Secret Sayings of Al-Khidr, follows the account of the Birth of Civilizations. Like Adam and Eve at the beginning of time, Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Muhammad and Fatima in the 6th century, Osiris and Isis became the incarnations of the Rasul-Logos and the Spirit of Wisdom.

From the Secret Sayings (Book III. 3. v. 1 - 23)

(1) Now it came to pass that Queen Isis learned of the murder of her husband. Distraught and overwhelmed with mourning, the Queen traveled the earth, searching for her beloved’s body.

(2) And when Set heard that Isis, in her weeping, was searching for the body he planned to take it and destroy it forever.

(3) But the spirit of the river took pity on the dead King and, cradling the coffin upon its waters, carried him into the upper realms where he finally came to rest at the root of the great Heavenly Lote Tree.

(4) And the angels gathered about the body of the great King and wept, for never since Cain had so a betrayal been committed to one so noble of heart.

(5) And the Queen continued to search for the body of her beloved.

(6) And one day a sparrow came to rest upon her shoulders. And as the Queen was conversant in the languages of all animals, she soon heard that her beloved’s body had been found.

(7) Carried into the heavens upon the wings of a mighty spirit eagle, the Queen found her beloved at the foot of the Lote Tree. Throwing herself upon his body, she herself longed for death.

(8) And as she sought to raise her arm against herself, the Spirit of the Lote Tree took pity upon her, and called the Archangel Gabriel, who appeared unto her, wrapping his light about her, quenching her tears.

(9) And Osiris appeared before her, transformed and flashing with the brilliance of a thousand stars. “Behold, my love - that which I have sought has found me. I was hidden from myself, but now do I see,” he said.

(10) And Isis wept with joy at the sight of her beloved. “Do not touch me, for I am the Rasul-Logos, the Alpha and the Omega,” he proclaimed. “Take my body and return to Egypt.”

(11) And the Queen took the mortal body of her beloved and returned to her city. And the people were overjoyed. And the Queen laid his body to rest in a sepulcher made from the finest stone. And pilgrims journeyed from the four quarters to seek Osiris’ intercession.

(12) But Prince Set became furious at the affection of the multitudes towards the dead king. But he dared not make a move, but bid his time.

(13) And Prince Set, continuing to explore the dark side of the mysteries, grew daily in malevolence and power.

(14) And one day he crept into the temple and, finding the sepulcher unguarded, stole the body away.

(15) And news of the theft carried to the four quarters of the earth. And all peoples, beings and animals wept.

(16) Placing the body of the King in a dark circle, Prince Set performed rituals throughout the night, finally releasing the descending mist, the dark spirit of Ahriman, into the world. And then cutting the body into fourteen pieces, he hid it amongst the world of matter.

(17) But the Queen discovered what had happened. And she and her maids set about, traveling the world, aided by every creature, until she recovered, piece by piece, the body of her love.

(18) And day and night she called for her beloved to reveal himself to her. But all was still. And her heart was broken. And her maids could not console her.

(19) And all of the kingdoms of the animals sent representatives to her. And the birds lighted upon her, singing to her, attempting to comfort her. And beautiful and magical horses appeared to her. And monkeys visited her. Yet, she could not be consoled.

(20) And the angels joined her in weeping. And all of heaven took notice and stopped.

(21) And in her Mercy the Queen of Heaven, Wisdom Herself, descended to earth and hovered above Isis, until entering her heart and taking possession of her being.

(22) And Isis, now united with the Spirit of Wisdom, looked out at the earth and felt compassion for others. And knowing their pain and sorrow, she vowed her eternal assistance to those in need and of gentle heart.

(23) And from across the desert the wind whispered to her of a friend long forgotten. Looking within herself, her cosmic gaze traversed the paths until she spied Al-Khidr, blind and alone.

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