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Al-Khidr: The Birth of Civilizations

Al-Khidr was the companion and co-worker of King Osiris as they traveled the world, founding civilizations, and initiating peoples into the mysteries. Together, Al-Khidr and King Osiris visited every continent on earth, including Atlantis and other lost lands. The following is from the Rose Crescent archives:

From The Secret Sayings (Book III. 2. v. 1 - 14)

(1) And the boy was brought into the court of King Osiris and Queen Isis.

(2) And as the year passed Al-Khidr grew in both physical strength and wisdom. When the priests questioned him concerning the cosmos, all were amazed for he knew the position of the sun, the moon and the attributes and influences of the planets though none had taught him. And he excelled all others. Soon his knowledge equaled that of the most learned men.

(3) And the King took Al-Khidr into the pyramids, explaining to him the secrets and significance of each passageway and the mysteries that were known only to him. And also the Queen loved to pass her time with him, taking him on walks in her gardens.

(4) But after a time Al-Khidr’s heart returned to his home. And he begged the Royal Couple that his brothers be allowed to join him. Giving their consent, they stipulated that the brothers too join the circle of neophytes.

(5) But as Al-Khidr was the beloved of the Royal Couple, Prince Set, the King’s brother, hardened his heart against him.

(6) When Al-Khidr reached his third decade the King called all before him. Looking across the land, the King said that his heart had grown tender towards the peoples of the earth. Why should they not enjoy the bounties of civilization as well?

(7) Announcing that he would only take one companion with him on this mission to enlighten the world, the court grew still in anticipation.

(8) Choosing Al-Khidr above all others, he bade his court farewell.

(9) And jealously filled the court.

(10) As the months passed, the power of Prince Set grew. Drawing a circle around himself, he denounced Osiris for having abandoned Egypt, the Queen and the people.

(11) And King Osiris and Al-Khidr traveled to the four directions, visiting all of the descendants of Noah, implanting wisdom and knowledge where there had been none.

(12) And the power of Prince Set continued to grow. All bowed before him. Soon the Circle’s might became unchecked. New, and dark, rituals were created. And the people feared to leave their homes; and the Queen would not leave her temple.

(13) And so it was that the three brothers, Abd Al-Mumit (Servant of the Taker of Life), Ab Al-Qabid (Servant of the Constrictor) and Abd Al-Qahar (Servant of the Crusher) rose in rank, eventually becoming the first within the Circle. (14) One day Prince Set announced that King Osiris had been gone long enough. Egypt could no longer be without its King. Taking the three brothers with him, Prince Set, under the cover of darkness left Egypt, traveled across the great waters in search of King Osiris.

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