Thursday, May 11, 2006

Al-Khidr: Legend of His Early Years

Al-Khidr, the co-worker of all of the Prophets, Messengers, Saints was adopted by King Osiris and Queen Isis. The following “verses” are from the Secret Sayings of Al-Khidr, part of the larger archives of the Rose Crescent, an international Sufi affiliation.

From the Secret Sayings (Book III: 1-8):

(1) And it came to pass, in the days of King Osiris and Queen Isis, that there lived a young poor shepherd boy, named Al-Khidr, in a small village. In those days the people had little to eat. While the boy was walking amongst his few sheep he noticed a royal procession moving through his village. Like all of the other children he ran to behold the goings on. But when he saw that the King’s mighty men trampled the flowers without regard his heart wept. But like all of the other children he followed the procession to the edge of the village, waving to them as they left.

(2) The next year the King and Queen made their way through the land again. This time the young boy ran to the front of the gathering crowd. But when he saw that the horses were tired, and how the slaves toiled under the sun, his heart once again wept. Turning his back on the King and Queen he walked back towards his sheep. But the great King Osiris, from his caravan, spied the youth turning and walking away. “Lest sedition one day creep into the land,” the King thought, “I mark this boy.”

(3) Several years passed, and the youth, now growing stronger, was invited by his uncle to visit the city. Soon after arriving in the city the young man was standing upon the road as the King’s caravan passed. Suddenly a dog ran in front of it. Jumping in front of the caravan, he snatched the dog to safety. But the King’s heart was dark towards him, and recognizing the youth, he had the boy arrested.

(4) The following morning the King and Queen, together with the High Priest, demanded that the boy be brought before them, intending to do away with such a stiff necked rebel.

(5) “How dare you jump in front of the Royal Caravan!” the High Priest bellowed. Standing before them in chains, the young man courageously answered, “Once you trampled flowers underfoot without thought; then I saw how the horses and slaves toiled without mercy; and now a poor dog would have been run over without regard. Let me speak to the King and Queen, for the Lord of my land would not act so.”

(6) Immediately the King’s heart was convicted. Standing up from his throne, he ordered that the chains be removed. Queen Isis, with tears in her eyes, asked that the young man come towards her.

(7) “Young though you may be your heart is of the ancients. Come, henceforth we shall take you as our confident. Your council shall be ever sought,” the King proclaimed.

(8) “From this day on, you shall be as our own son, and we shall be as your parents,” the Queen added.

To discover more about the legendary Sufi Master, Teacher and founder of the Rose Crescent, visit our site on Al-Khidr.


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