Saturday, May 13, 2006

Muhammad: The Last Prophet

The Rose Crescent confirms the Islamic belief that Muhammad (pbuh) was the Last Prophet of God. We believe that he was the Seal of the Prophets (Khatim al-anbiya).

Many people, particularly those who follow, or have been associated with, the Bahia Faith are perplexed why we hold this position.

The Rose Crescent tradition maintains that the prophetic lineage of 124,000 prophets did, in fact, close with Muhammad (pbuh). Moreover, since the time of Osiris our Watchers have traveled the earth, carefully searching for and serving those Manifestations of the Rasul-Logos.

What does it mean, though, that the prophetic period ended and that Muhammad (pbuh) was the Khatim al-anbiya (Last Prophet)?

First, in agreement with orthodox Islamic teaching, the Rose Crescent tradition maintains that Muhammad (pbuh) brought the reflection of the Mother Book (Umm al-Kitab) to the last people on earth (the Arabs) who had not received a Messenger.

Secondly, with the close of the prophetic age there is no longer a necessary intermediary between the Being (Allah) and beings (humans, jinn, animals, spirits). Instead, all beings may now look within themselves and, through meditation and concentration, polish the mirror of the Self (the Ruh) so as to see the reflection of the divine. In other words, the intention of the Rasul-Logos is now dispersed amongst the beings.

And finally, the evolution of humanity moved beyond the necessity of a “High Priest,” with the Ruh (the Spirit) descending into the realm of matter, providing the opportunity for everyone to ascend.

This last point needs to be understood in the light of earthly evolution. With each subsequent Manifestation the Rasul-Logos descended deeper into the realm of matter, the realm that the Ruh had been imprisoned within. We may note that as the ages passed, miracles became rarer. Oracles around the world began to cease. In the 6th century after Christ the Spirit (Ruh) had descended to its furthest point. The last incarnation ended with the Rasul-Logos providing the means for the complete liberation of the individual.

The Spirit now moved from that of a particular person (The Prophet) as the Divine Mirror to all individuals having the potential for a pure mirror within them. Thus, there was a transfer from the prophet to the united spiritual umma.


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