Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Al-Khidr: The Awakening

From the Secret Sayings (Book III. 4. v. 1-10)

1. Now it came to pass that Isis, still distraught over the loss of her lover, was reclining upon her sofa, fast asleep, when she experienced a gentle breeze come upon her, whispering to her heart, awakening her from a lifetime of slumber.

2. And the Spirit of Wisdom, watching the affairs of the earth from her place in the Throne, took pity upon Isis in her mourning. And Wisdom entered Isis, inviting her to transformation.

3. And Isis rose from her sofa and, opening her eyes, saw the world anew.

4. And behold, standing before her was Osiris. Taking her in his arms, the Osiris the Logos-Rasul and Isis the Spirit of Wisdom joined in ecstatic love making. And Isis rose towards heaven, where the four Archangels welcomed her with songs of praise.

5. And from the Throne of Heaven Isis looked out upon the world. And seeing Al-Khidr blind, alone and having taken refugee in a cave, Isis went to him.

6. And Isis stood before Al-Khidr and held a chalice in her hand. Taking Al-Khidr by the chin, she moved the chalice to his lips.

7. And Al-Khidr, blind, asked: “Who art thou?”

8. And as the Divine Elixer touched his parched lips and quenched his throat his mind opened and he saw the world anew with heavenly vision.

9. And Isis said: “I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be. No mortal Man hath ever unveiled me.”

10. In that moment Al-Khidr, giving up his mortality and becoming one of the immortals, beheld Isis in her radiance.

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