Thursday, June 15, 2006

Al-Khidr: The Encounter

From the Secret Sayings (Book III. 4. v. 11 -19)

11. Now it came to pass that Al-Khidr walked for days on end through deserts forlorn.

12. And the sun in its might and fury beat down upon him, cracking his lips, drying his skin and parching his throat. With neither food nor drink Al-Khidr stumbled on.

13. As he lay dying under a bush several vultures took counsel next to him. Shortly thereafter a falcon joined them. Each of the birds pecked and scratched at him, attempting to rouse him from his state of near death.

14. And then a lone gray female wolf appeared. Lying down beside him, she licked his wounds and offered his parched throat her wolf’s milk.

15. When he recovered sufficiently to stand, the wolf led the blind Al-Khidr into the hills, where he came to a cave.

16. Resting in the coolness of the cave, the falcon and vultures brought him meat.

17. Soon rabbits joined in bringing him scraps of brush and leaves he could eat.

18. Then, early in the morning, as the sun rose, he felt a gentle hand upon his and the feel of a cool chalice upon his lips.

“Who art thou?” He asked, as he quaffed at the heavenly drink.

“I am Isis. I am all that has been, that is or shall be. No mortal Man hath ever unveiled me.” The angelic like being said.

19. In that moment his mind opened and he beheld the Spirit of Wisdom before him.

To learn more, visit our site on the legendary Al-Khidr, founder of the Rose Crescent.


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