Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sufis and Vampires

According to the Rose Crescent tradition, vampires are defined as individuals who have died but continue to cling to this world, attempting to fulfill their addictions vicariously through another living human.

When an individual dies, s/he (especially those who have lived their lives in disbelief of the hereafter – see Surah 2:4) is in danger of not recognizing their new state of existence.

The soul of such a person continues to be turned towards the world of matter. Thus, s/he will often remain amongst the living, continuing to frequent places that s/he was formally habituated to (e.g. house or place of work), or will remain close to his/her body (e.g. hospital or cemetery), or will frequent places where s/he practiced certain physical-psychological addictions (e.g. bars, brothels, etc.).

After a time this individual soul realizes that it cannot participate in the world of the living, but lacking a connection (or belief) to the Light (Allah), s/he becomes confused and frustrated. At that point s/he will attempt to attach onto a human being that has similar patterns to the ones s/he had while in the body (e.g. alcoholic souls will attach to other alcoholics; smokers will seek out smokers, etc.), becoming a vampire.

The human who is in the body (i.e. living) experiences both a drain on his/her energy level from the vampire and an amplification of both the addiction to whatever it is that connects the attaching soul (the vampire) and him/herself and certain negative emotions the vampire has (e.g. anger, hate, jealousy, etc).

The Sufi performs two major tasks in this regard: First, Sufis assist the living to free themselves, with the power of the Spirit (Allah), from vampire attachment; secondly, Sufis perform psycho-pomp work, assisting vampires, with the assistance of angelic beings, to recognize that they have in fact died, and that the must turn towards the Light and move on.

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