Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meditation with the Rose Crescent

How can one use the symbols of the crescent and the rose to meditate?

The Rose Crescent meditation is among the most transformative and powerful meditations revealed to mankind by Al-Khidr, the Green Man of Islam.

Before explaining the rose crescent meditation let us reflect on the significance of the two symbols: the moon and the rose.

The moon reflects the light of the sun as creation reflects and reveals the light of the creator.

The moon passes through various powerful and influential cycles on its journey: new moon (when it is in occultation); crescent moon; first quarter waxing moon; full moon; waning moon; and third quarter waning moon. In each of these cycles the moon reflects a different cosmic energy. The crescent has long been a symbol of Islam. Whereas the Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets, the crescent moon points beyond itself, full of hope to a new beginning that is still unrealized and just beginning to dawn.

The rose is the symbol of the soul. Like the development of our own souls in this world, roses bloom amidst thorns. The rose fragrance is the ethereal connection with our Higher Selves. Many Sufis of the Rose Crescent tradition choose to anoint themselves with rose oil prior to performing their daily prayers, dabbing a bit of oil behind the ears, on the back of the hands and in the middle of the forehead. The Prophet Muhammad himself (PBUH) along with his wives and his daughter Fatima loved roses and used them as part of their daily spiritual practices.

The meditation:

Begin by saying “Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim
Slowly breathe in deeply and take in the energy of the cosmos
In your minds eye picture a dark sky before you
See the crescent as it emerges
Feel the joy and exhilaration of the crescent
Take its energy in
Watch it slowly wax into a full moon
Hold your breath
Draw the energy of the full moon into your mind
Watch as the full moon transforms into a beautiful rose
In your mind’s eye, zoom slowly in on the rose
Watch as the rose begins to spin, turning back into the full moon
Slowly release your breath and release any negative energy stored in your body
Observe how the full moon wanes
Say, “Allahu Akbar

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