Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sufism: Transform fear

How can one transform fear?

Stories (hadith) of Fatima Um Abi Ha tell us that while on earth She often walked the countryside and village streets, ministering and caring for those who were ill, sick, poor or distraught.

Following her ascent into heaven she continues to care for the distraught.

Once there was a young girl and her lover who had been severely wounded. Neither was married. Having incurred the wrath of the “righteous” – the so-called learned - they had been brutally stoned. As they lay wounded, with an uncertain future before them, the heavens opened, angelic birds descended, carrying heavenly fruits and a rainbow appeared before them. Then Queen Fatima - she who sparkles with a myriad divine colors, with a crown of brilliance about her head, whose countenance is that of the Spirit of Wisdom - took the lovers in her arms and whispered into their hearts:

“Fear transforms into Love”

According to the Rose Crescent tradition fear can only be transformed by opening our heart charkas to the suffering of the entire cosmos. As fear turns into compassion, love surrounds and engulfs us. Through our own suffering we learn to identify with the sufferings of others (jinn, human, animal and earth).

How can you do this?

Begin by lighting a candle on your alter
Say, "Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim"
Get into a mediation posture (we suggest lay down with your eyes covered)
Imagine the sky
Feel your heart chackra open
Imagine a beautiful green-gold light ascending into heaven
Feel how this light ascends higher and higher
See bird spirits descending, bringing gifts
See Queen Fatima before you
Let her talk to your heart
Ask her a question
Thank her
End by saying, "Allahu Akbar"


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