Monday, August 07, 2006

Fellowship with the Rose Crescent

Is it possible to join the Rose Crescent? How do I contact members of the Rose Crescent?

The Rose Crescent is an international Sufi affiliation stretching back millennia. There is no official membership. There are Rose Crescent Sufis in all of the world’s major religions. And there are Rose Crescent Sufis who practice outside of any spiritual community. It all depends on your interests and personality.

Rose Crescent Sufis meet regularly, joining together to work towards peace and healing on behalf of the planet and its many creatures. Our meetings take place in the astral realm, where we communicate, assist each other and purposefully join together, working towards God's Kingdom.

Here is how you can join the fellowship:

Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down in a quiet area
If possible, listen to a steady drum beat or rattle (purchase here)
If you don’t have a drum CD count slowly backwards from 20 to 1
Say “Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim”
Imagine yourself standing across the room, looking back at your resting body
Go to your tree
Seek a ladder going up to heaven (Quran Surah 6:35)
As you climb the ladder look down and see your house, the street you live on, and the city you live in slowly recede
Enter the first level of heaven, which is a beautiful city
You will see a large beautiful mosque
Enter the mosque
In the celestial mosque you will find Rose Crescent Sufis
You will be greeted by a guide who will join you as you explore the mosque and its many rooms, chambers, courtyards and gardens (feel free to wander about and see what is going on).
A few examples of ongoing activities include:
*Many of the Sufis will be gathered around a giant ball of energy – there they will be building the “fire” in order to send positive healing and peace back to earth
*In some rooms Sufis will be whirling, and in other rooms they will be sitting in meditation
*Healing rooms for those who are ill
*You will also most likely encounter “power animals” as they wander around, assisting the Sufis
*There are also angelic beings and Jinn allies there who are part of the spiritual assembly
When the drumming stops or when you are ready return down the ladder to the base of the tree and then open your eyes
Say, “Allahu Akbar”

Note: Once you begin to journey regularly to the celestial mosque you will begin to receive communications from the Rose Crescent, entering into fellowship with us as we work towards manifesting peace, health, healing and happiness on earth in the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

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