Sunday, August 20, 2006

Al Khidr: Remote Viewing

From the Secret Sayings (Book III. 4. v. 11 – 19)

11. Having drunk the Heavenly Elixir offered to him by Isis, manifestation of the Spirit of Wisdom, Al Khidr returned to his cave. Slowly he felt a powerful sensation in the middle of his forehead. The world as image began to appear to him. First, all appeared in a fog. And then it slowly cleared, appearing black and white. And then the world appeared in various colors and hues.

12. And when he turned his mind upon an object or place he could behold that place, viewing from afar.

13. And the places appeared first in sketch form. And then slowly in detail. And then in color. And finally he could view the energetic streams, the intentions, the history and the future of any distant place he set his mind upon.

14. And Al khidr sat in the cave for what appeared to be years, viewing the world and its spirit.

15. And his mind took in other worlds, worlds parallel to each other. And he saw the worlds of potential and the world’s that had been actualized. And he saw that which was in the mind of Allah and that which was in the will of Allah.

16. And looking out into the universe he came upon a world of records – a giant library of sorts (that some call the Akhasic record). And he entered the library, and there he could browse all that had been, could be or world be.

17. And his spirit was filled with fear at all these things. And the Archangel Gabriel stood by his side, steadying him.

18. And as he gazed out he beheld three spirits, beautiful and powerful were they to behold, descending towards the earth.

“Who art they?” He asked the Angel Gabriel in wonder.

“These three are three powerful manifestations of the Rasul-Logos. The first will teach the people the Law of Being. The second shall teach the Way of Love. And the third shall teach the Path of Peace.

“And how shall they be called?”

“The first shall be called Buddha. The second shall be known as the Christ. And the third shall be revered as The Prophet.”

19. And when he gazed again he saw three more spirits descending towards the earth, as beautiful and powerful as the first three.

“And who art they, and how shall they be called?” He asked in wonder.

“They are just a few of the manifestations of the Spirit of Wisdom. The first shall be called Kuan Yin; the second shall be known as the Virgin Mary; and the third shall be known as Fatima Um Abi Ha. They shall walk the earth with joy and sorrow, ministering to all who are in need, regardless of creed, dogma or belief.”

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