Monday, August 21, 2006

Sacred Datura & the Sphinx Moth

I, Sacred Datura, rise out of the soil
Deep dark green
Few know me
Fewer still dare to approach me
Those with sense fear me
My fruit is sharp and prickly
I stretch forth my arms, giving shade, waiting for the sun to set

I call to the night
I extend my long white flowers towards the night sky
Sweet and fragrant am I
I open my flowers to the moon
Who shines within me, gently

I take Luna’s song within me
Those who would approach – who would dare to sample
I walk in the glow with them
Madness, dreams and death doth await
I await my Queen – for without her I could not be

From out of the land of Egypt
From the bosom of Osiris she doth fly
Tiger striped body has she
She is the Queen of the Sacred Datura
The striped moth of the Sphinx

There is a moment – a second - when the twilight will be no more
I race from the mouth of the Sphinx
And dance among the five petal flowers of my beloved – the Sacred One
Death hath no fear
Nor madness
I have learned the dance of the hummingbird
But have shorn the flight with the sun
I choose the moon and its secrets
Under the nocturnal rule of the owl
The stone path of the underworld
Guarded by my friend the bat
The glowing purple flame
Where the last ray doth shine
Where Luna in her silver dress plays and dances

I am the moth that circles the flowered white pentagram
I am the lover
Sacred Datura my beloved


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