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Qur'an Surah 2:11-15 The Mischiefmakers (A Sufi Interpretation)

Surah 2:11 profoundly reveals that:

11.When it is said to them: Make not mischief on the earth" They reply: "Why, we want to make peace." 12. Surely, they are the ones who make mischief, but they do not realize it.

Who are those who make mischief on the earth? What has been there role in the unfolding drama on this planet?

According to the Rose Crescent, Surah 2:11 should be interpreted on a number of levels. First, it speaks directly to a deep truth regarding the world of the spirit. Secondly, it provides us with insight into the history of humanity. Thirdly, it beckons us to examine contemporary affairs. And finally, it calls for us to examine ourselves. Let’s take a look at these four levels of interpretation:

(1) This verse alludes to one of the greatest mischief makers in the universe – the evil spirit Ahriman.

For more information on him, click here and here.

(2) Not long after the fall from the Garden of Eden, humans began a quest of domination of the earth and others. Deep in the heart of civilization is the seed planted by the fruit of dominion. Under the guidance of Ahriman, “civilization” has attempted to capture the resources of others, take the land of others, to war against others, to subjugate and enslave others. One of the earliest great kings of Ahriman was none other than Nimrod, “The Mighty Hunter” (Genesis 10:9). For the past 8,000 years “Ahrimanic civilization” has had one singular goal: the will to dominion.

Ahrimanic civilization is characterized by its emphasis on competition (rather than cooperation), domination and control of resources, and the conquest and control of the environment. It is based on a paradigm that in order for there to be “winners” there must be “losers.” It views the earth as a hostile enemy that must be controlled.

What we find, however, is that the house that Nimrod built is quickly collapsing from the fallacies of its own paradigm. Wars, global warming, pandemics will bring Nimrod down.

(3) With regards to contemporary affairs, it is not difficult to spot the mischief makers. They are all those politicians and “actors” (regardless of their religious or political affiliation/persuasion) who promote war(s), pollution, the destruction of the environment, etc.

Who are the mischief makers? They are the global corporations that pollute, that promote exploitation, poverty, that traffic in weapons, etc. They are the global politicians, soldiers and spectators who bask in war and war rhetoric. They are the corporations and their heads that actively oppose biodiversity.

What most people don’t realize is that in almost all situations the combatants on both sides are under the spell of Ahriman.

This, of course, leads us to the present conflicts in the Middle East, particularly the land of Iraq. There are many innocent people - innocent victims. Sadly, non-combatants are being killed every day. But the fact is that ALL of the combatants in Iraq (Sunni "insurgents", Shite militias, foreign jihadist fighters, Iraq democratic government, Mujahideen, Americans and allies) are acting as mischief makers. The same should be said about Lebanon as well, where clearly both Israelies and Hezbollah acted as mischief makers.

(4) According to the Rose Crescent, in order to be a Muslim (one who surrenders) one must follow the path of peace. Here is a short list:

To avoid being a mischief maker “thou shalt not”:

Kill...Hate...Willfully injure...Commit atrocities...Pollute...Torture...Seek thy profit at other's expense...Exploit others and the environment.

To be a peacemaker “thou shalt”:

Love thy enemies
Cultivate compassion
Promote peace
Protect the environment
Protect all species (human, animal and plant)
Encourage the well being of others

14. When it is said to them: "Believe as the others [i.e. the peacemakers] believe," they say: "We believe." But when they are by themselves with the evil ones [i.e. Ahriman, Shytan, the enemies], they say: "We're really with you. We were only joking."

Verse 14 points to the extreme duplicitous nature of the mischief makers. Peacemakers must be on guard and be not fooled. Today w find that the mischief makers have taken over the entire Abrahamic Faith and rule with little opposition within the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

15. But the Spirit will boomerang their mockery on them, and give them rope in their tresspasses. Thus, they will continue to wander like blind ones (to and fro).

Verse 15 explains the patience of Allah in dealing with the mockery of the mischief makers as they pretend to love the Light, but in fact destroy the earth.

Thus, they will continue to wander like blind ones (to and fro).

The latter part of verse 15 points to the penalty that the mischief makers are under. The wandering to and fro is in fact the penalty of reincarnation. The more they destroy the earth in their self-interests, the more they are returned to it. They cannot escape it. The short-term profits that the use of fossil fuels brings over renewable energies will eventually catch-up to them personally. There is no where to hide. They will return to the very earth they destroyed until they either transform into peacemakers or become extinct as a civilization.

However, since we are all here (we have incarnated in this dimension), verse 15 convicts us all (unless we are of the Muttaqun - what the Buddhists call Bodhisattva - and have come incarnated to assist all sentient beings and promote the path of peace). We are, in fact, the mischief makers. We are the children of Nimrod. We have been destroying the earth. We are wandering to and fro, sentenced to the penalty of transmigration, with a seal placed upon our hearts.

What can I do?

The first and fastest thing you can do is to become a vegetarian. By not killing you immediately rebuke Nimrod, the mighty hunter. Then, choose to purchase organic fair trade produce whenever possible. Help animals and humans whenever possible. Plant trees, if possible. Clean trash. If you drive, buy an economy car. Reuse, recycle and buy recycled products. Support peace movements. Learn everything you can about non-violence.

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