Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sufism: human purpose on earth

According to Sufism, what is the purpose of humans on earth?

Human beings are closely akin to plants. On the physical plane we inhale "air" (which has been purified by plants) and exhale "pollution." Likewise, we eat living plant matter and extrude waste.

From infancy on we spiritually "inhale" the atmosphere around us and "exhale" our transformed air, which others than breathe in. If we were in paradise, we would "inhale" pure light and "exhale" pure love. However, on this earthly plane we are forced to "inhale" all sorts of spiritual pollution from the environment (e.g. anger, hate, fear, etc.). The higher our spiritual development the more our ability to transform this pollution into compassion, love, joy and peace. If our spiritual state is very low we will find ourselves immediately "exhaling" the pollution (e.g. anger). Thus, a highly evolved individual will often have a wonderful effect on others (calming them, bringing peace and harmony). An individual operating at a low level will often immediately exhale the surrounding atmosphere. Thus, if someone is very angry in a room there will be others who will become angry as well.

According to the Rose Crescent, Sufism teaches that our goal as Sufis is to simply transform (on a spiritual level) whatever environment we find ourselves in at any given moment, just as a plant quietly and silently does its work of purefying the air.

There is one great challenge to this, though. The spiritual environment we inhabit is also populated by demonic creatures. These beings "eat" the negative energy that humans exhale. Thus, their strategy is to prompt humans towards producing negative thoughts (i.e. anger, hate, etc.). This is why Sufis often find themselves working against demonic elements in order to promote harmony.

The only way to transform human evolution is to have more and more individuals transforming the spiritual atmosphere until either the demonic beings themselves transform (because they are forced to change their "dietary" intake) or they depart this planet in search of other food sources.

Thus, our purpose on earth (as Sufis) is to promote healthy energetic environments, tranforming polluted spaces into harmonic zones of love, joy, peace and compassion. It is in this way that the Kingdom will grow from a small mustard seed.


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