Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Islam: Rightful Succession to the Prophet

One of the perenial questions facing Islam is who is the rightful successor to the Prophet (pbuh). The great divide split Islam into several camps. Most Sunnis believe that there was no successor, but that Abu Bakr rightfully took over the administrative management. The Shia, however, believe that Ali ibn Abi Talib was The successor. Shia view Ali as the gate and the Prophet as the city. In order to come to the Prophet one must pass through the gate.

The Rose Crescent position differs from both Sunni and Shia. We believe that the Prophet's wife Aisha (pbuh) was chosen as the rightful earthly administrator of the Prophet (rather than Abu Bakr) and that the Prophet's daughter Fatima Umm Abi Ha (pbuh) is the gate by which one comes to the Prophet. As the Prophet was the incarnation of the Logos-Rasul (as was Jesus before him) so Fatima is the incarnation of the Spirit of Wisdom (as was Mary before her).

The Prophet himself is reliably reported to have said: "Take your religion from the words of Aisah." A further proof is that the Prophet removed himself from the others and died alone with Aisha, his head upon her lap. Moreover, Fatima ascended into the heavens where she sits upon a throne at the gate of paradise. One should carefully consider that the Prophet died just six months after Fatima (ppuh), allowing Fatima to prepare paradise before his ascension.

Whoever today recognizes Aisha and Fatima is among the rightly guided Muslims.


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