Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Book of Fatimah

Fatima Um Abi Ha*, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)* and Saint Khadija at Tahira*, communicated on an almost daily basis with angels, spirits and jinn. As she walked about angels hovered around her. The Prophet himself recognized her position and respectfully called her “Um Abi Ha.”

Unlike Moses, Fatima* is not a law or code giver. She speaks to us through the heart. She appears to us when we have are most broken, and thus most receptive to the Spirit. She stands at the gates of paradise, welcoming sinner and saint alike. She is not one to hurl dispersions and judgments. Instead, with the gentle stroke of her hand, felt as a breeze over the heart, and the tingling upon the skin, she whispers compassion, love, peace, forgiveness and mercy.

As has been stated previously, Fatima was given a book by the angels. This was widely recognized by the Shiite, but falsely feared by the Sunnis. The book was eventually placed in occultation, and only sections of it have been slowly released over time. Those few pure saints who have connected with the Spirit of Wisdom, and opened their hearts to Fatima, have allowed her to speak through them.

A partial list of sections of the book that has been revealed as a blessing unto all mankind includes (but is not limited to):

1. “Kitab Sirr al-Asar” orally transmitted from Fatima to her companions

2. “Sayings” transmitted through Rabia

3. “Perfect Harmony” transmitted through Ibn Arabi

4. Poetry of Tahirih Qurratu'l-'Ayn

5. “The Hidden Words” transmitted through Baha’u’llah

6. "How to Know Higher Worlds" transmitted through Rudolf Steiner

7. “The Prophet” transmitted through Khalil Gibran

8. Aphorisms of Hazrat Inayat Khan

8. “The Way of Peace” transmitted through Morihei Ueshiba

9. “Steps towards Inner Peace” transmitted through Peace Pilgrim

By reading and meditating on these seven works, the disciple on the straight path of Fatimah, the true and pure path of Islam and Sufism, will find a continuity of thought and purpose, thus gaining an understanding of the message of Fatima. By reflecting deeply on each passage of each of these works the follower of Fatima will draw closer to her.

Before you read these works, light a candle, take the passage in your hand, call on Fatima to come to you, feel her loving presence, hold an image of her in your inner eye, see her, feel her presence next to you, thank her, read the passage slowly and deeply. Know that Fatima is with you.


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