Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baha'u'llah, Fatimah and the Hidden Words

"This is that which hath descended from the realm of glory, uttered by the tongue of power and might, and revealed unto the Prophets of old. We have taken the inner essence thereof and clothed it in the garment of brevity, as a token of grace unto righteousness, that they may stand faithful unto the Covenant of God,* may fulfill in their lives his Trust, and in the realm of spirit obtain the gem of Divine virtue."

Baha'u'llah had originally entitled his short book of meditations "The Book of Fatimah." He later decided to retitle it the "Hidden Words." Baha'u'llah recognized that if he had called it "The Book of Fatimah" people might think it was the complete sayings of Fatima. He knew that he was transmitting only a portion, and the Book of Fatimah, in its entirety, would be deciminated through many trusted and chosen servants.

According to the Rose Crescent tradition, Baha'u'llah received the Spirit of Wisdom and became a Manifestation thereof (but not of the Logos-Rasul). The spirit that came to possess Baha'u'llah was essentially feminine - or "yin" - (whereas the Rasul-Logos is masculine - or "yang").

As a manifestation of the Spirit of Wisdom Baha'u'llah shared a unique and special relationship with Fatimah ('alayhi 's-salam), the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), allowing him to recieve much of the "Book of Fatimah," which is the hidden book of the Prophet's daughter. Baha'u'llah retitled it the "Hidden Words" so that those who are initiated into the mysteries of Fatimah would recognize it as being hers, while those of the blind orthodox would remain alienated from its splendour.

*Covenant of God refers to the covenant that each of us made with Allah prior to our incarnation.


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