Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sufis and Rosicrucians Congratulate Barack Obama

The Rose Sufi Crescent, an international Muslim-Sufi-Rosicrucian organization, extends its heartfelt congratulations to President-elect Obama. We believe that his nomination was by Divine Guidance and an answer to many hours spent in prayer. Muslims all over the world celebrate his nomination as the Sword of Allah, the Cup of Grace, the Wand of Spirit and the Coins of the Tao move upon our globe.

True Muslims, Sufis and Rosicrucians rejoice in this paradigm shifting event. May this planet earth come to realize the Kingdom on Earth. May we all unite in working towards peace, unity, justice, tolerance, appreciation of each other. May people of all faiths as well as atheists join together to lift the poor out of poverty, to reverse global warming and to protect the environment, safeguard animals, plants and humans.

May we become stewards of earth in this most beautiful day.


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