Saturday, January 24, 2009

How You Can Help Gaza

What can I do to assist the residents of Gaza?

Let us follow the 3 principles of helping others. Real help must take place in the three planes: the divine, the mainfest and the hidden.

First - the divine realm: Pray that Allah intervenes and creates the conditions for peace and justice. Ask the archangels to block the work of all malicious creatures, both human and jinn.

Second - the manifest: 1. donate money. Good places include

DEC at

International Red Crescent:

2. Disinvest - encourage everyone you know to boycott products associated with the occupation. Share this link:

3. Read and spread the word to your local papers and representatives.

Oxfam call: Open the borders -

Amnesty International:

Human Rights Watch:

Common Ground News Service:

The Electronic Intifada

MIFTAH - Palestinian Initiative for Democracy:

Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem:

The Hidden Realm:

Perform spirit-work in Palestine.

* Begin by using water to purify yourself, splashing it onto your face, neck and feet
* Place yourself in a relaxed meditative condition
* Ask the Light for protection
* Use google earth to zoom in on Occupied Palestine
* Close your eyes
* Breathe
* See yourself leaving your body, with your house growing ever smaller
* See Palestine before you
* Enter
* Move at ground level
* See the living and the dead
* Minister to the living - providing comfort
* Use your "magic mirror" to shine the Divine Light about
* Provide "magic water" to those who are suffering
* Use your "magic sword" - as did Al Khadr, may all Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, to cut the ties of evil, pain, resentment and revenge
* Plant "magic roses" in the ground, calling on the fragrances of our thousand year order to fill the land
* Call on your astral horse, camel or donkey for aid
* Assist the dead to mount onto your spirit animal who will take them to the light
* Count from 10 to 1
* Return to your body
* Say salat and drink water



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